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Relocating to Huntsville, AL – Your Local Guide

Moving Preparations:

You’ve decided to relocate to Huntsville, Alabama because of a lifestyle change or a career change. Huntsville is home to many Fortune 500 companies, hi-tech companies, aerospace industries, military industries, advanced scientific research centers, large retail giants and many new emerging businesses. If you have a family, how do you prepare them, especially the children, for this major life changing move, which undoubtedly will affect their daily life? Call a family meeting and explain the reasons for moving to the great state of Alabama. Ask their help in preparing for the move by getting the necessary supplies, such as boxes, tapes and notifying the necessary businesses of your address change.

Huntsville AL

Huntsville Relocation Guide:

Having contacted the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce in the downtown area, you’ve received a copy of their Community Relocation Packet. The packet contains information on companies to contact to turn on your electricity, gas, cable, TV, educational institutions, entertainment and governmental agencies. Also enclosed is a map of Huntsville, as well as the county of Madison and an at a glance look at local businesses. After you and your family have picked out a house in Huntsville, among its many historic and unique neighborhoods, begin packing to move. Children can be introduced to their new home with giving them the responsibility of choosing which room in the house will be their bedroom, then pick out a paint color, furniture, which they can help to arrange and decorate.

Scenic and Housing Landscape:

Families fall in love with Huntsville because of its manicured communities, scenic landscapes and friendly neighbors. Southern hospitality still abounds in Huntsville, even though it has become a leader in innovative global industries. It is cradled on the shores of the Tennessee River and at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. Choosing a specific housing style will be difficult because of the varied home styles within its landscape. There are multi-level condos, stately sized family homes, large townhomes, spacious wooded farmlands, including many open and gated subdivisions. Because property taxes are lower than most other cities of the same size and it has a nationally recognized eco-friendly environment, people and industries are flocking to the Huntsville area.

Attractions and Neighborhoods:

You and your family will enjoy the variety of cultural entertainment and social activities hosted by Huntsville and Madison County. Top hockey and baseball teams call Huntsville home, as well as spelunking explorers, golf experts, hunters, campers and symphonic orchestras. Other attractions include safari parks, state parks, museums, theaters, dog parks, gardens, horse racing, water parks, amusement parks and so much more. Attractive neighborhoods are City Center, a suburban community filled with single-family homes, high rise apartments and a few historic buildings. The Greenwycke Village is a well-to-do neighborhood with homes built as early as the year 2000. Additional district neighborhoods involve Dallas Mills, Twickenham, Five Points, Medical District, Old Town and North/West Huntsville.

Huntsville AL Real Estate

No matter what culturally rich community you choose as your home, sharing and helping one another still exists. Neighborhoods are purposely designed to encourage people to develop an synergistic partnership. The city of Huntsville continually provides a high quality of life through its educational learning centers, recreational activities, cultural events, military bases, and environmentally sound advancements for families to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Huntsville’s educational system has a history of excellence in all of its K-12 school ages, whether public or private, as well as its colleges and universities. NASA’s Space Center, the Aviation and Missile Command and the Cummings Research Park, are a great influence on the types of curriculum taught in Huntsville schools, at all levels. Other encouraging factors include Huntsville First Friday and Young Professional networking organizations.

Shop, Dine and Play:

Let’s not forget shopping and dining! Huntsville contains large shopping malls with specialty stores, top department stores and many different shopping alternatives. Dine at chef inspired restaurants of all nationalities, ethnic and cultural cuisines. Further relax and enjoy a day of spa treatments from head to toe, then go dancing under the stars or enjoy live entertainment at local bars, lounges and night clubs. Downtown businesses and property owners combine their voices and investments in a successful Huntsville community with a thriving private-public cooperative society.

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