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Governor’s Bend in Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, Alabama, is known for having a “bulletproof economy,” and Governor’s Bend is a desirable area to live in. The city in northern Alabama has numerous people employed in the nation’s aerospace and missile-defense industries. Many more are employed in two other industries that are thriving: the medical and life-sciences industries. Thousands of new jobs are being added. The city is known for a mountain-view setting that is quite scenic, high-quality museums, a 110-acre botanical garden and an historical downtown.

Governors Bend Homes for Sale in Huntsville AL

Why Choose Huntsville?

From historical neighborhoods to growing sectors, Huntsville has more than enough variety to fit everyone’s needs. From a plentiful supply of jobs to the football spirit, every resident has something to love about the area. Many homeowners enjoy the touch of nature surrounding the area, which includes beautiful vistas of the valley to feeling the mountain breeze blow by. For children and families, they can visit the U.S. Space & Rocket Musuem, and there are plenty of restaurants to try new foods at.

In addtion to all the amenities, Huntsville is one of the most affordable places in the country. Home prices are set within a range that offer you luxury amenities for a fraction of the costs.

Governor’s Bend Homes for Sale

The most distinguishing characteristic of Governor’s Bend homes are the views. Overlooking mountain vistas, you’ll enjoy stunning views from sunrise to sunset. Outdoor patios make for the perfect place to host neighborhood barbecues. And to complement these luxurious views are renowned amenities. From columned entrances to spacious living areas, you’ll find everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a Governor’s Bend home. To see everything these homes offer, view our current available listings:

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Schools near Governor’s Bend

  • Blossomwood Elementary
  • Huntsville Middle
  • Huntsville High

Parks near Governor’s Bend

There are many activities near Governor’s Bend. Nearby facilities include the Huntsville Museum of Art, the Veterans Park, the Brahan Springs Disc Golf Course, Hillendale Park, Milton Frank Stadium, Maple Hill Park, and Mayfair Park.