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    We will buy your house as is for cash!

    Do you just need to sell your come quickly and without any hassle? Do you want an offer on your home today? We will make a fair offer on your house today, and close in as little

    as 30 days. Do you need to close sooner than 30 days? Don’t worry, we have a network of investors that can close in as little as 14 days! Want to sell but need more than 30 days? No problem, you can choose any closing date that works for you.

    We are often asked if we can just buy a house, and to most people’s surprise the answer is YES. Some of the reasons that we are asked if we can just buy a house include: getting a divorce, property inheritance, can’t afford necessary repairs, impending foreclosure, or a job transfer.

    Do you need to sell and are asking yourself these questions?

    • How will I ever get this property ready to sell?
    • Do I have thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to repair the property?
    • How can I just sell this property quickly with no hassle?
    • Do I really want strangers always walking through my home?
    • How will we sell this property that we inherited quickly, so the family doesn’t get into a disagreement?
    • Do I really want to keep my house clean for the next few months while it is on the market?

    We have purchased properties all around the Huntsville and Madison area and would love to help you out with yours.

    How do I get this started?

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    Let me start by saying that my expectations were surpassed immensely. I have been looking at a few houses with a friend who is in the real estate business but was having no luck. So I decided to look on the Internet, to find a realestate agency in the Huntsville area to see what options they offer. I was surprised to find that Amanda Howard realestate was number one in Alabama and ranked in the top 50 across the US. I was shocked again to find that Amanda Howard was endorsed by Barbara Corcoran …
    Michael D.


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