Oak Bluff on Green Mountain in Huntsville, AL

    Oak Bluff on Green Mountain in Huntsville, AL is one of the most picturesque home developments in the Huntsville area. This area is on the mountain high above the city. The views from the mountain are great and the air is crisp in the spring. The housing development overlooks the city. Building or buying a home the Oak Bluff area is a wonderful investment. This homestead is a vacation every day.

    Oak Bluff on Green Mountain

    The Huntsville Community

    The city of Huntsville, AL is located only a few hours from Atlanta and very close to Lake Guntersville which is considered on to the best fishing areas in the country. The location is also on the Robert Trent Golf Trail and for race car fans the Talladega Super Speedway is a yearly event. If anyone gets tired of being home there are lots of activities located close to Oak Buff on Green Mountain in Huntsville, AL. Huntsville hosts the Whistle Stop Festival every year which is nothing but great Barbecue all over the place. The area is progressive and a great place to raise a family.

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    Huntsville is called the Rocket City and is just off Redstone Arsenal. Oak Bluff on Green Mountain in Huntsville, AL is located near these facilities. The Bluff is sectioned off in acre lots and larger and is located near other beautifully developed communities. The elevation is high enough to be pleasantly scenic yet low enough to keep normal weather conditions. Cloud shadows are an easy view from the Monsano area. This is something difficult to see in low lying areas. Monsano is filled with trees which is good for clean air and a great hiking spot, a great place to build a home.

    Real Estate in the Oak Bluff on Green Mountain

    A home in this neighborhood is priced in the upper twos. Once the drive up to Monte Sano is made get ready to see breath taking views and imagine waking to such a lovely site from your own windows. The drive down from the Bluff is convenient and the evenings on the Bluff are more than any homeowner can dream of. Build a green house or have a lovely rock garden. Whatever your landscaping styles, it will look spectacular sitting on this beautiful overlook.

    Some homes in the area have as many as eight bathrooms. This gives you an idea of the level of property you will be investing in. Since there are lots available at Oak Bluff at Green Mountain at Huntsville, AL you can decide what kind of structure you want on your lot. Outdoor kitchens overlooking the Monte Sano view would be worth the price of a lot in any kind of weather. Oak Bluff is located near Monte Sano Park where people visit and rent cabins for the beauty of the area. A lot purchase at Oak Bluff lets you share this beauty all year.


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