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High Mountain Estates in Huntsville, AL

About High Mountain Estates

When you are looking for a place to retire or just relocate there is no place to compare with the High Mt. Estates area in Huntsville, AL. Homes located in this area have been designed by the best architects in the country, providing natural and extraordinary views of the surrounding area. Therefore, whether you are a retiree or still a working person this location can fit in with your plans.

High Mountain Estates Huntsville AL

The various locations in this area are connected by a High Mountain Neighbors website, which keeps all residents informed for the latest things occurring in the area. This will include homes for sale as well as various businesses that can do repairs or other work needed. It is a laid back community, with friendly people who enjoy the very best of living in good neighborhoods.

Education Near High Mountain Estates

For children in the family there are a number of public and private schools available. All are very close to the location of a person’s home, many within walking distance. Through various websites, it is possible to keep track of the events of any particular school. There are also a huge number of universities and higher education institutes located in Huntsville itself, which makes it easy for residents living in the High Mountain area to continue their education.

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Attractions and Events in Huntsville

Huntsville is the fourth-largest city in Alabama and has a high array of Victorian–era locations, with many different museums and other interesting attractions. These include things such as a Botanical Garden, National Wildlife Refuge Performing Arts, libraries, private golf courses, professional sports and hundreds of other things available for personal pleasure.

A few of the festivals held in the area include:

  • The Annual North Alabama International Festival
  • Russian/Ease-European “Pancake Festival”
  • Big Spring Jam
  • Panoply Arts Festival
  • Con*Stellation Science Festival

High Mt. Estates Homes for Sale

Located high atop High Mountain, many of these beautiful homes offer panoramic views of both the city of Huntsville and the natural surroundings of the area. The weather has a humid subtropical climate with warm summers and mild winters. Homes located in the High Mountain area enjoy cooler weather than those located in Huntsville itself, due to their higher elevation.

When looking for one of the best places in the country to have a comfortable and peaceful home there is none better than the High Mountain Estates in Huntsville, AL. One of the real estate agents will be happy to show you what is currently available in this delightful location.