Buyer’s Market

    This is a situation in which supply exceeds demand, giving purchasers an advantage over sellers in price negotiations. The opposite of a buyer’s market is a seller’s: market a situation in which demand exceeds supply and owners have an advantage over buyers in price negotiations. During the housing bubble of the early-to-mid 2000s, the real estate market was considered to be a seller’s market. Property was in high demand and was likely to sell even if it was overpriced or not in the best condition. In many cases, homes would receive multiple offers and the price would be bid up above the seller’s initial asking price. The subsequent housing market crash created a buyer’s market in which sellers had to work much harder to generate interest in their homes. Buyers expected the properties to be in excellent condition or priced at a discount and could often secure a purchase for less than the seller’s asking price for the property.


    As a home builder, the agents at AHRE have spoiled me. They are well educated in all aspects of the market, highly driven, skilled and well seasoned by the training they receive working for Amanda and Travis Howard. They don’t believe in the word “try”. They believe in the word “do”.
    Rachel Brown Matthews


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