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Working with the Best Real Estate Agents in Huntsville Alabama

What Do You Gain From Working With Leading Realtors in Huntsville, AL?

“Best” is a subjective word, but we know some business practices are better than others. If all real estate agents and brokers were the same, we wouldn’t have some people with real estate horror stories and others who rave about their experience. Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty believes everyone deserves the latter experience regardless of their price point. This commitment to service is what separates us.

The proof is in the amount of business we do. As the 2019 Real Trends’ The Thousand top-ranked team in Alabama for the number of transactions and sales volume, our clients choose us because the education and tools we offer are unparalleled. Being the best in real estate means excelling in these four key functions:

#1- Market Knowledge

Today’s listing platforms give everyone equal access to the same market data:

  • Median sale prices
  • Inventory
  • Pending sales
  • Market history

In addition to real estate market data, online public information databases make it easy to research additional statistics on local crime rates, school performance, drive times, and much more. Some listing platforms incorporate these into the information or filters available to their users.

Deep market knowledge goes beyond what you can Google. We work with hundreds of families each year to achieve their real estate goals. In 2018 alone, we served 888 families. We serviced another 605 families in 2019. 

We can give you market data, yes, but we can also tell you why a specific community makes a great home. Our greater Huntsville community is our passion. Whether it’s through representing real estate or giving back to charities like the Kids to Love Foundation or Habitat for Humanity, we stay engaged with the people who call Huntsville home. 


#2- Customer Service

Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty clients have a great real estate experience because our customer service is unmatched by other brokerages. Our team members come from a genuine place of serving you and serving the community. 

We focus on giving our team the best resources in education, technology, and marketing support so they can deliver exceptional service. Some of the tools our agents have at their disposal include:

  • Curate, an augmented reality app that supports virtual staging allowing you to see how an empty room could look decorated to ensure you know how you could lay out your own design and “live” in that space.  
  • Immersive Tours, using professional 3D scans of your home that can allow you to virtually “walk” through the home. We also offer Dollhouse views with floor plans to allow you to really see the flow along with feeling that flow combined with the augmented reality tour. This exceptional tool offers buyers the home tour experience without leaving theirs.
  • CURRENT, a marketing suite created by Sotheby’s International Realty based on brand research and affiliate collaboration. It offers 18 apps, including the brand-exclusive Presentation Studio, a digital listing presentation tool with rich content.
  • ListTrac, an analytics service that tracks engagement data for listings, allowing us to assess our marketing and adjust the strategy for optimal results.
  • Dotloop, a transaction management and optimization platform that enables digital form creation and e-signatures while enhancing collaboration and ensuring compliance.

All of these platforms, plus others available to us, enhance how our real estate agents partner with their clients and market listed properties. 


#3- Skilled Negotiators

Negotiators balance seller goals and buyer goals with the home in between. No two real estate transactions are alike, and all are complex. Through education and experience, we know what negotiation strategies work best with different individual goals. 

The process begins when we sit down with you to hear your goals, so we can best serve as your advisor. A successful negotiation hinges on communication. Our role is to actively listen to our clients and the buyer or seller’s representative. We ask questions that clarify objections and get to the root of any issues. We are problem-solvers that look at all the alternatives while maintaining perspective. 

The team keeps your interests front-of-mind when talking with other parties and working through negotiations. We use all our skills to reach your goals.


#4- Results

At the end of the day, home buyers and sellers want results. An expert real estate agent uses market knowledge to target the right buyers and achieve fewer days on market. They leverage their negotiating skills to secure strong offers within targeted goals. And along every step of the way, home-buyers and sellers experience unparalleled customer service. 


Choosing the Best Real Estate Agents

Working with the best realtors brings you these benefits and more. Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty has a reputation of delivering exceptional service tailored through technology, local knowledge, and experience. Together, this makes us the modern go-to for exceptional real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers who expect the very best from the very best.


For more information about how you can gain a competitive advantage by using an Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty Agent, CLICK HERE.



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