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Which Trails are Found Throughout Athens, AL?

Hiking Trail - Image Credit:
Hiking Trail – Image Credit: chrisko1960

Residents of Athens are active people that love to enjoy the outdoors. There are so many trails founds in the city that offer a great form of exercise, a great way to connect with the community and a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city. Whether you’re looking for walking trails, bike trails or canoe and kayak trails, Athens has something for everybody. Here is a look at the trails you’ll find throughout the area.

Walking Trails

There are a ton of walking trail options for you to enjoy in Athens. The Athens Greenway Walking Trail is a great place to start with a 3.3 mile trail made up of three legs. One of the legs begins at the Athens Sportsplex and continues to Athens High School, one is the track of 1.5 miles around the school and the last leg is a 1.2 mile leg at the Athens Public Archery Range.

If you like local history, walk through the four historic districts in the Athens Historic VolksMarch including the Beaty Historic District, Athens Square Historic District, Houston Historic District and the Athens College Historic District. Another historic option is the “Step-Back-In-Time Walking Tour” which takes you through the historic Robert Beaty District where you can enjoy seeing homes dating back prior to the Civil War.

Specialty Trails

If you love bird watching, try the North Alabama Birding Trail. You’ll see wetland birds, forest dwellers and song birds in Limestone County. Seven sites of the 50 site regional trail are located here.

Noah Bike & Vintage Car Trail is available as well in Limestone County of Northern Alabama. It’s an 89-mile trail for bikes, motorcycles and vintage car where you’ll get beautiful views through historical sites, old cemeteries and places to picnic.

Canoe and Kayak

Check out the Elk River to get your canoe or kayak ride going. The scenery is beautiful but the water will be challenging. You’ll have five places to get in and out of the river along the trail.

Best-Kept Secret Trail of the South

Maybe the best trail throughout the area is the Rails to Trails, 10.2 mile trail. It passes through the site of the Battle of Sulphur Creek Trestle and provides easy access to plenty of nature throughout the area. This trail is perfect for joggers, bird watchers, hikers, bikers and even horseback riders.

The trail is even home to many events throughout the year, such as the Sassafras Tea Day, Horse and Buggy Day, National Trail Day and more. There are plenty of activities to enjoy throughout the trail, which provides trailheads on Piney Chapel Road just north of Athens.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Athens through the various trails in town.

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