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What Women Want in a New Home

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When it comes to buying a new home there are clear differences between what people want. Men scour for the illustrious “man cave” they can spend hours in and use for their own entertainment. They often consider larger, important items of the house like the number of rooms or proximity to the work space. However, in my experience I’ve discovered that women are often more interested in the “livability” of the home. They want to see how the rooms flow together or how the kitchen has been designed. Making sure everything operates smoothly and efficiently within the house is one of their prime concerns. Some people might want the rooms to be close together, so they can keep an eye on their children, or others might want an entertainment area that can suit numerous guests. Detailed issues like these are typically what women look for.

Here are some questions I recently answered about what women want in a new home:

1. What home features/amenities/layout preferences are you finding to be most important to local women in today’s real estate market?

Relaxation areas usually take priority while a close second would be storage & organization space. Everyone wants those places to unwind. It’s not just men who want “man caves.” Women want their own space as well. I’ve seen women turn rooms into cozy nooks for reading or transform large bathrooms into a spa-like retreat. For storage, some of the top wishes are huge, walk-in closets or plenty of cabinets. Over time, we all collect stuff, and having a space to store everything is really important.

2. Would you say that women are more practical — that is do they want floors that are easy to clean and a layout that is convenient to the way they live (ex: no stairs if they have aging parents, etc.)?

In my observation, both men and women are very practical when it comes to construction materials. They are all looking for low maintenance and fair pricing. However, I do see a difference with women paying special attention to lifestyle flow. If they live alone or have pets, there are certain features they look for in their daily routine and flow to make life easier. The same follows for a family. Women look at the flow of the floor plan in regard to the number of people to see if it’s a good fit.

3. Do women shop differently for a home than men? That is, in general, do they approach the process of finding a new home in a way that you see fairly consistently?

I absolutely see this. When I’m representing a builder and a woman comes in, she always asks first to see the floor plan. Men always ask about the price first, then want to know the basics of rooms, square footage, and garage space. Of course, women want to know this too, but they tend to pay attention to how the house flows together.

4. Increasingly, do you find that new homes being built tend to cater more to some of the particular desires women have?

No. I do see some builders coming around and reaching out to ask advice from women and incorporating more women-centric spaces. For example, Valor communities (who is a new builder in our area) is the first that I’ve seen in a long time to grant a new focus on extra nook spaces or flex spaces where women can create that ideal area for them. The other week was the first time I heard a customer say, “I can’t believe I finally found a home that can hold ALL of my seasonal wear, my shoes, my holiday decorations, my kids stuff, my husband’s hunting gear AND have a private cafe couch off the bedroom for me to read my devotional alone in the morning!” It was so heartwarming that she finally found her space.

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