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What Does Athens, AL Real Estate Have to Offer?

When buying real estate in Alabama’s largest cities, it is important to take a closer look at what that property has to offer in terms of long term affordability and features. One thing you’ll appreciate about Athens is that it has a strong record of outstanding value and moderate growth. Though not every city in the state can say it is on a positive upswing in its real estate sector, Athens can, and that is one of the main reasons so many people are hoping to buy there.

Athens, AL Real Estate

16044 Tulip Lane Athens, AL 35613. Image Provided by NALMLS Inc.

The North Alabama Multiple Listing Service reported that about 133 homes sold in the Athens and Limestone County areas in the month of May. That is a significant increase over the 37 properties that sold at the same time in 2015. Being up 38 percent like this, it’s clear to see there is a lot of demand for real estate in this city. For the year through the month of May, the city has seen an impressive 46.5 percent growth over the same time frame in 2015. But, can it last?

Athens has a lot going for it and that’s why this area is doing so well. Even though home values are on the rise, prices remain affordable for many people. This isn’t a boom climate, in other words. Second, the area’s improving economic conditions and its numerous amenities, proximity to jobs, and good schools all contribute to the value that this city has to offer residents, bringing them in from around the country. Add to this the ability to secure an affordable loan with interest rates that are very low and you can clearly see why this could be the ideal place to buy right now.

In the short and long term, Athens real estate looks to be a very good investment for many people. Work with the Amanda Howard team to find the best Athens, AL real estate for you and your family.

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