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Update Your Home with the Trending Colors of 2020

If spending more time at home has you thinking of doing some interior updates, you’re not alone. A new wall color is an inexpensive way to update a room and the project usually can be done on a weekend. 

For inspiration, check out Valspar’s top 12 colors of the year for 2020. This year’s color palette reflects the times and moves away from cool, subdued colors. People are seeking positivity and warmth. The 2020 color trends draw from nature for warming, neutral tones that go well with each other, or many other decor choices. 

In their release of the list, Valspar reflected on how the trending colors seek to bring the tranquility and positivity we find from a walk in the woods into our busy lives. 

Not sure where the colors fit in your Huntsville home?


In the living room, try:

Winter Calm, a lavender-hued gray neutral both serene and luxurious. This goes well with natural elements like wood, metals, and leather.

Pale Powder, a rich, earthy tan that brings warmth back into a space. Its tone is reminiscent of clay pottery ready to be shaped. The hue plays well off textured walls, with blue tones, warm grays, and peach tones.  

Crushed Out, a muted blush just barely tinged with pink for a new take on the off-white trend. It’s minimalist enough to match a range of decor styles yet still imparts a feeling of luxury. Try with warm colors like richer greens, navy, and woods.


For the kitchen, try:

Grey Brook, a gray with blue undertones. Blue and grays promote calm and tranquility, but it’s also inherently flexible and goes in a variety of rooms. Valspar likens this tone to “stonewashed denim,” and our desire to create comfortable spaces. It pairs well with lighter or darker blues, wood, and other neutrals.

Secluded Garden, an ocean-inspired color balancing green and blues jewel tones. The shade is both nostalgic and modern, confident yet muted. It pairs wonderfully with rich wood tones, darker metals like brass, and neutral accents. 


In the bedroom, try:

Desert Fortress, a sandy neutral ideal for creating refreshing, warm spaces. The color doesn’t draw attention to itself, but compliments a range of interior styles and color palettes. 

Utterly Blue, an invigorating shade that is familiar and comforting. Blues are restorative and calming, but this bright tone adds some energy into the room. Match with whites, grays, or neutral tans. This tone is also refreshing for a bathroom space. 

Secret Moss, a gray-tinted green inspired by nature. The color is comforting and pairs well with vintage-inspired decor, wrought irons, woods, and pops of color. 


Want some color? Try: 

Mint Whisper, an airy, soft mint tone that contrasts well with clean, minimalist looks. It pairs b best with whites. Green tones have been trending across various lists for a few years; this variation is less outdoors green and more statement.

Tempered Sage, another green option but with revitalizing yellow undertones. This warming color is ideal for lighting up darker spaces, for pops of color, or reimagine a kitchen space. It pairs best with woods and neutrals. 

Canyon Earth, a rich tan reminiscent of the southwestern desert. It’s a rustic color inspired by the earth and on par with the movement to bring nature indoors. It works well as an accent color for doors, entryways, and areas ideal for a pop of color.

Bombay Pink, perfect for energizing spaces like the office. This blush pink is mature, balancing red and lavender. Pair with neutral accessories, like whites and golds, peach shades, and soft tones. 


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