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Top 5 Tips for Home Sellers

A simple web search reveals hundreds of articles touting advice for home sellers, an overwhelming amount to sit down and sift through. At Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty, we prefer to do things differently. We choose to utilize a personalized approach in advising our clients. This ensures that our clients have the best home selling experience possible. 

#1- Hire the right agent

A real estate agent will be your experienced partner in selling your home. When researching real estate agents in your area, you want to find someone with local real estate knowledge that will make sure your home is seen by the right buyers. Keep in mind that you will work together for several weeks, from preparing the home to sell, and all the way to the closing table. Make sure to find an agent that fits your needs and style. 

Our agents create a customized home selling experience for our clientele. They are trained in the latest real estate technology and marketing trends to help position your home to sell quickly and for the most money possible. 

Amanda Howard Sotheby's International Realty Agents

#2- Price to sell

A common mistake made is pricing a property too high in the beginning to “test the market.” The thought is, “we can always lower the price if we don’t receive any offers,” or “we need to build in a cushion for negotiation.” Since most showing activity occurs when the property is first listed, we strongly advise against this strategy. Setting a competitive price relative to the competition is an essential component to a successful marketing strategy.

#3- Remove personal items

When you decide to sell your home, view it through the buyer’s eyes. Help buyers see themselves living in the space by removing the mementos that distract from your home’s best features; allow them to envision their items in the home. Appropriately placed and curated art creates subconscious emotional cues that help buyers connect to the spaces. Appeal to a wider audience by leaving your abstract works, landscapes and interpretive pieces in place as a way of setting a mood and complimenting a home’s architecture.

#4- First impressions count 

Most homebuyers know within seconds if they are interested in the home. Focus on the exterior of the home and the buyers walk up to the front door. Make the home feel warm and safe as the buyers approach the entrance. It can be as simple as pressure washing the sidewalk and adding some new flowers. A fresh coat of paint on the front door can also transform the space. 

Next, look at the entryway. What impression will the buyers have on their first step into the home? From a practical standpoint, we understand thresholds are often functional areas storing coats, purses, and keys. But when selling your house, do what you can to make it welcoming.

#5- Always be ready to show

You never know when a potential buyer will want to see your home. Sometimes prospective buyers want to see homes within hours of coming on the market. Do what you can every day to keep the house decluttered and tidy. It will alleviate any stress from a last-minute scheduled showing while maintaining a good first impression with the homebuyer. 

No matter what time of year, buyers are searching for their dream home. By applying this advice, home sellers can maximize their home’s value and help it sell a timely manner. If you are looking to sell your home, reach out to the agents at Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty for a personalized approach to selling your home. 


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