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Tips from a Huntsville Financial Planner

Today we’re joined by Kyle Findlay, a certified financial planner, who is joining us to discuss retirement and education planning.

The most important thing a financial planner does is provide peace of mind in regards to your financial affairs. Investment management and financial planning help ease your mind. Kyle views financial planning as a comprehensive review of your entire financial situation and pulling it all together.

When it comes to financial planning, it’s critical to start with the basics. Kyle likes to understand where you are. By reviewing your assets and liabilities, he can identify any potential areas that could become risks and come up with solutions.

For example, what if your spouse gets sick and you’re no longer able to work? Will you still be okay paying for the kids’ education? Do you want to pass on a legacy to future generations? What does retirement look like? Financial planners build a plan to address all of these issues to pull everything together in a nice package.

Young families that may not have any assets built up need to focus on establishing an emergency fund, paying off consumer debt, and getting life and disability insurance. After that, focus on building up a nest egg. Our generation and our country does a very poor job of saving for retirement. You should make sure that 10% to 15% of your gross income goes toward retirement planning goals.

College savings need to be addressed as well. Find a tax-efficient, systematic way to save money for college.

Finally, whether you are young or old, you need to look into estate planning. Where are your assets going to go once you die? Whether you want it to go to a charitable foundation or your family, all of that needs to be thought of right now.

As a financial planner, Kyle gets a unique glimpse into people’s lives. He says that no matter what your financial situation is, you have to find a way to be happy and content.

We appreciate Kyle spending some time with us today and sharing such helpful information. As always, if you have any real estate questions, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!

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