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    Things That Make Your Home Look Messy

    Friends, clients and colleagues –

    Whether you currently have your home on the market or are just starting the listing process, you most likely already know that staging is a huge factor for a fast and top dollar sale of your home. While many agents may tell you certain tips that are guaranteed to make your spaces pop, today I wanted to talk about eight things that make your home look messier than you think! With these tips, you can avoid common seller mistakes and put yourself ahead of the competition:

    1) Open Shelving. Whether in the kitchen or a bathroom, open shelving draws attention to clutter chaos and makes your space look like it’s difficult to organize. A simple solution to make your space look sleek is clearing your shelves and sticking to a calming color rule of thumb, like white or gray, for all your plates or other exposed items.

    2) Tangled Tech. Wires from the TV, computer, and charging cords make it easy for potential buyers to get distracted from your home’s best selling features. A helpful hack for cord management is purchasing cord clips from your local home improvement store. They’ll keep your cords tucked away neatly and prevent trips or visual cord messes seen during showings!

    3) Too Many Prints. While its normal for older homes to have wallpaper, things can get jumbled when you start to decorate on top of it. Hanging art pieces and picture frames on top of already busy wallpaper can make potential buyers distracted! Tidy up the space by taking down those extra pieces so that your home can look like a clean slate.

    4) Sloppy Entryway. Shoes, coats, dog leashes, and umbrellas, always seem to find their home right next to the door. Clearing up this space makes a huge difference as potential buyers want to be greeted with cleanliness, not clutter! Grab these items on your way out and the problem is solved!

    5) An Unmade Bed. An unmade bed is one of the biggest turn offs when touring a home. Taking a little extra time to tighten the sheets and fluff the pillows allows buyers to truly imagine the home as their own, instead of a place where someone else is living.

    6) Leftover Laundry. Future homeowners want to see a spacious laundry room, not your dirty laundry! When listing your home, be sure to grab a couple laundry baskets with lids for easy organization and storage that hides the mess!

    7) Littered Floors. Dog toys, clothes, blankets, and other household items easily have a way of getting strewn across the carpet. Being conscious about picking up what you put down helps to consistently keep the space clear and not have a panic when it’s time for a showing.

    8) Crowded Countertops. Clean counter space is a must when listing your home. Products, trinkets, photo frames, and pantry items tend to always make their way out of the cabinet and onto the counter. Whether you need to multiply your storage bins and drawer organizers, or box up those knickknacks until it’s time to move, do whatever you can to ensure your countertops offer plenty of room for cooking, entertaining, and getting ready.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed these easy-to-implement tips that I assure will make a difference in the process of selling your home. At Amanda Howard Real Estate™, we offer a free staging service to every client so they don’t have to feel the pressure of making their home showing friendly. If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling a home, give us a call at (256) 799-9000 or visit us at

    Until next time, make it a great day!


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