The Value of Selling a Home in Huntsville

    Huntsville Craftsman HomeHuntsville has a unique real estate market, since a lot of home buyers relocate from out of state. Despite the effects from the ’06 housing bubble, Huntsville real estate has remained steady and is actually improving. The constant influx of buyers from other areas has created a high demand for quality homes, and in return, created a “seller’s market.” What this means is that the few homes on the market can sell for high price points (since there’s a lack of other choice). And as a seller, this is great news.

    The Fear of Selling

    Getting what the home is worth is one of the most common fears home sellers have. People have invested money, blood, and dreams into their home – and receiving any less of that is heart-wrenching. However, with a seller’s market, the advantage is on your side. Home buyers will be more inclined to bid the asking price since they’re afraid of losing the one house they like on the market. And if a buyer does lowball you, there are plenty more to choose from.

    The lack of home inventory means sellers have a power called: choice. Buyers are left with few options and have slim pickings, but you have multiple options. Buyers are everywhere and your house is the only one they want.

    Recently Sold Homes in Huntsville, AL

    Looking at recently sold homes is a good indicator as to how much you can earn when selling your property. It also gives you a snapshot of what to expect. So get rid of those selling fears and see what other homeowners made with their property.

    Below are a few homes that were recently sold:

    1. 5805 Criner Road SE, Huntsvile, AL – 5 bedrooms, 3 baths – Sold for: $325,250

    2. 2710 Fanelle Circle SE, Huntsville, AL – 5 bedrooms, 5 baths – Sold for: $372,500

    3. 414 Randolph Avenue SE, Huntsville, AL – 3 bedrooms, 3 baths – Sold for: $417,000

    Selling Your Huntsville Home

    Anyone who is interested in selling a home can find basic tips, like getting rid of clutter, utilizing natural light, and staging the yard. But knowing how to market the property and attracting the right buyers for the right price takes a real estate agent. If you happen to be interested in selling your home or are just thinking about it, send us your concerns through the form below. We’d be happy to talk about future opportunities in selling your home.

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