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The Ultimate Pre-move Checklist

Moving residences is an exciting venture but can become a bit daunting.  Especially once the buying process is finished and it’s finally time to move everything you own from one home to another. In order to help provide a smooth transition for you, we’ve partnered with Huntsville movers Coleman American Moving Services to offer a few tips that we think will guide you along the way!

The questionnaire

  • Planning is key.  Switching local services such as cable, utilities and gym memberships should be done with at least one month’s notice so you don’t run into cancellation fees.  Finances are another element you want to remember – changing your address is extremely important when dealing with something as important as your bank account!
  • Researching local services in the new location is essential.  This is absolutely something that needs to be proactively done. Doctors, schools, plumbing services, etc. can be investigated ahead of time.  Research for this can be done on the web or by word of mouth.
  • Downsize. What do you want to bring to the new home? Can you downsize and donate ?  Once you go through this process, you can roughly estimate what needs to be moved.
  • Selecting a qualified moving professional is critical.  When you have furniture and belongings that mean so much to you it is important that those items get transferred without a scratch.  They need to arrive exactly how they left! Hiring an experienced, insured moving professional who will treat your items like their own will guarantee you a smooth transition.
  • Arrange travel and hotel accommodations.  You may need to stay in a hotel during a transition or fly to your new home destination.  Make sure these plans are scheduled ahead of time and in congruence with the moving company you are working with.

Moving can be a stressful but the excitement of a new home is undeniable.  Starting a new life in a new home is fantastic feeling! Make sure you have a seamless transition by taking the right steps in the moving process.  With years of experience in the moving industry, Coleman American Moving Services has provided a link to a more in depth Family Moving Checklist which you can download, print out and use as a guide.  Click here to make sure you are covering all your bases!

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