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The Secret to Big Money Energy


“You will be amazed at how you can predict the future with your confidence.”

 – Ryan Serhant


Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty had an exclusive opportunity to speak one on one with Ryan Serhant last week. He shared his story about his first million dollar listing and all the steps he took to achieve this. 

If you do not already know, Ryan Serhant is a real estate broker, CEO, and founder of SERHANT., a mega real estate brokerage comprising of an in-house film and marketing department, and coaching. He’s also a bestselling author, producer, and star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York and Sell It Like Serhant. Little do people know that Ryan only made $9,000 his first year in business. Now, he averages a billion dollars in sales volume each year making him one of the most successful real estate brokers in the world! He just released his newest book, called Big Money Energy which just last week hit the International’s Best Seller List!



In real estate, there isn’t a “one-size fits all” handbook. (Don’t we all wish there was!) However, there are keys to success in this industry that Ryan exclusively shared with our team. You want to plan now, for who you want your future self to be. If we are all being honest, we do not always feel confident with the tasks at hand, but portraying yourself as confident and having “Big Money Energy”, as Ryan calls it, will enable you to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. According to Ryan, we are only limited by our own ambition and that we should be living today how we would like to see ourselves in the next 10 years. So how do we do this?


Dress for the Part

Ryan is all about dressing for the part. In fact, his story for how he closed his first million dollar deal was by doing just that. At the time he had no money, no car, or a suit but he made the investment so he could portray himself as someone that could sell a million dollar apartment. 


Control Your Day

His story demonstrates how we should all take control of our own life. Ryan explains, “Every day you have 1,440 minutes. Minutes are your dollars. Invest your time wisely.” So how should we manage our time, especially real estate agents?  Ryan gave our team great advice to own our schedules. The first part of his day was his “Finder” time. During this time he would discover the best way to generate more leads or find people who were looking to buy or sell their homes. Then he would go into his “Keeper” time where he worked with his clients that he already had to ensure their expectations were being met. Lastly, he had his “Doer” time where he would create content, answer emails, or get to anything that needed to be prioritized. 


Know Your Self-Worth 

Even though we have our days scheduled out, those plans can combust with one simple email or call. Sometimes we can be caught up in trying to attend every event or manage so many leads that we lose track of our priorities. Agents focus should not be on closing the deal or how much money they will make on the deal, but on the clients themselves. Ryan continued to state that our self-worth is not determined by our income, but by the clients and connections we make throughout the community. 




Here at Amanda Howard Sotheby’s International Realty we are so thankful to have had this opportunity. It taught our team how to succeed but most importantly how to serve our clients and the communities around us. Special thanks to MortgageRight Huntsville and Paulus Foundation Title &  Escrow for co-sponsoring this special event!




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