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The Most Forgotten Room in the House


Typically, people forget about the garage compared to other rooms in their home. By nature, we store items in the garage that we don’t need in the house. Additionally, we store toys and other keepsakes in our garages that were once important to us. Then, when we go through our garages, we sometimes wonder why these things were important to us in the first place! As you can guess, a bunch of unwanted belongings can add up when you’re trying to sell your home.

That means it’s time for a cleanup. Your garage needs to be reorganized and ready to go when prospective buyers view your property. Here are a few steps to achieve that final product:

  1. Go through all the boxes and sort out the items. Be ruthless. Toss out anything that doesn’t have a use or meaning to your family. Donate items that are still useful to your favorite charity. You’ll feel great and make someone else happy at the same time. Plus, this counts towards a tax deduction.
  2. Clean the garage as thoroughly as possible. Get rid of the dust and dirt. If you have minor oil stains on the floor, you might be able to pressure wash those spots away. However, if they’re large or long-standing, you’ll need a more thorough method like repainting the floor.
  3. Consider a garage organization system. The cheapest options include storage bins and wall hooks, but if you want to invest, check out new wall panels and flooring. Depending on your price range, a new system can range from $40 to thousands. Start researching online.

I can’t stress how important it is for sellers to take the lead on their garages. It shows potential buyers that you really care about your property’s condition so much that you pay attention to every little detail. That helps you better market your home and sell for top dollar!
If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in the Huntsville area, give me a call or send me an email! I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.




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