The Best-Selling Home Style in Huntsville AL

    Home styles come by the dozen. Plenty of architectural designs have gone in and out of popularity through time. Even different regions of the nation have specific tastes for home designs, but there is only one that has truly stood out in Huntsville. The Craftsman-style home.

    Huntsville Craftsman Home

    Why It’s Popular

    The natural charm and simple form of the Craftsman style has attracted a lot of attention and a lot of buyers recently. Just one look at a Craftsman-style home will leave a lasting impression. The bold and complementary colors dazzle the eye. Sturdy columns and an inviting front porch welcome families for a relaxing day outside. And when you start touring a Craftsman-style home you feel the natural embrace of the house. The originality and craftsmanship is one of a kind.

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    Key Qualities of a Craftsman-Style Home

    Craftsman-style homes are instantly recognizable from their exterior appeal, but the charm doesn’t end there. Inside, open floor plans translate your living experience into a fulfilling adventure of relaxation and simplicity. Rooms have that unique separateness, yet remain inclusive throughout the home. As a result, families feel constantly in touch with one another.

    Other architectural elements:

    • Low-pitched roof
    • Front porch supported by wooden columns
    • Prominent over-hanging eaves
    • Many windows with multiple panes
    • Open floor plan with few hallways
    • Earth-tone color schemes
    • “Breakfast nooks” in kitchen
    • Fireplace in living room

    Who It’s For

    Craftsman-style homes are simple in design, and they are meant for a simple lifestyle. They are the “roots and basics” of home construction. So if you’re looking for a simple home or want to lead a simpler lifestyle, craftsman-style homes are to your liking. They help lead an abundant life with minimal elements.

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