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Stronger Together With Acquire Commercial Real Estate

We’ve recently decided to join forces with Acquire Commercial Real Estate. Here’s how this partnership benefits you.

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Today I’m joined by Trevor Kearce of Acquire Commercial Real Estate to share with you a little about this exciting new company we’ve partnered with.

For Trevor, considering our experience in the area, the contacts we have, and the processes we’ve been able to implement that have been so effective, the decision to work with us was a no-brainer. As a company, Acquire has the same goals in mind for their mission.

This partnership is exciting for us too because we have so many residential investors who are growing their portfolios and expanding into commercial real estate, and that’s not what we specialize in. We specialize in residential real estate, so we knew we needed a partner who offered exceptional customer service and understood the ins and outs of commercial real estate and how it differed from residential real estate.



Acquire strives to put their clients’ needs before their own. They want to implement new technologies and help and treat people they way they would like to be helped and treated.

If you’d like to reach out to Acquire, you can call them at (256) 319-3209 or visit them online at

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call me or shoot me an email. Until then, make it a another great week!


This Week’s Closings:

  • Ms. Katherine Griffith-Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wright
  • Mr. Zachary Campbell
  • The Oasis Group
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Presnell
  • Mr. Jeffrey E. Mullins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hasbrouck
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chad Edwards
  • The Garrett Family Trust
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ashraf Malik
  • Dr. William F. Bryant
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Greer
  • North by West, LLC
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Mullin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Sutton
  • Dr. and Mrs. Shaun Davenport
  • Foundation Investment Properties, LLC
  • Mrs. Shirley Campbell Hendrix
  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ennis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eric Harrington
  • Scarborough Family Revocable Trust
  • Mr. Lino Campos

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