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    Spotlighting WAFF’s Storm Tracker

    The Storm Tracker is our area’s first line of defense against severe weather, and we’re proud to feature it on this episode of “Monday Morning Coffee.”

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    What makes WAFF’s Storm Tracker such an awesome vehicle? Brad Travis joins me today on this edition of “Monday Morning Coffee” to help explain.

    WAFF has been wanting one of these vehicles for a long time, and it serves an important purpose because people need more than just one or two forms of communication to seek shelter from a storm.

    “I can’t just go on TV and say ‘We got a possible tornado—you need to seek shelter from this,’” Brad says. In other words, the Storm Tracker allows their weather team to get close enough to the storm to show viewers what’s really going on.

    All of the technology installed in the Storm Tracker is cutting edge, and it allows Brad and his team to track a storm the minute it’s happening. With live radar and live cameras, they can broadcast any kind of severe weather live.

    On top of all that cool stuff, Brad and his team also use the Storm Tracker to travel the community and educate the public about severe weather safety. It’s also very helpful for them to be able to stimulate the mind of any kid in school who wants to enter a scientific field of study.



    Brad’s been at WAFF for 20 years now, and he says that growing up in Kansas helped him develop a fascination with meteorology. Aside from that, he always wanted a job that was different and wouldn’t be boring.

    “I got more than I bargained for with this job, that’s for sure,” he says.

    It’s our pleasure to be able to sponsor the Storm Tracker, and we’re thankful for how it keeps all of us informed in the event of severe weather in our area. If you have any questions for Brad, you can find him on WAFF’s Facebook and Twitter page or send him an email at

    If you have any other questions for us, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I’d be glad to help you.

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    Ms. Teaghan Rosemaire Sprinkle

    Mr. Charles Hughey Sr

    Mr. Matthew Gregory

    Ms. Judy Herron

    Ms. Charlotte Pearce

    Ms. Brittany Morgan

    Ms. Tawnita Hislop

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Melanie McGilton

    Mr. Loyal Hartman III

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Martha Fisher

    Ms. Diane Spencer

    Mr. Matthew Stapler

    Mr. and Mrs. Lee and Natalie Jones

    Mr. Danny Bailey and Mr. Scott Campbell

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Christy Johnson

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Haley Zaluzec

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Katherine Moody

    Mr. Joshua Mills

    Ms. Danie’l Mills

    Mr. and Mrs. David and Katherine Zichichi

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