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Should You Visit Humble Heart Farms?

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If you’re looking for a way to spend a sunny and family-oriented day outside in the gorgeous weather, Humble Hearts Farms may be the way to go. The goat cheese found here comes from the sun, rain, wind, feed and grass which come together from the Tennessee valley allowing the goats to graze on some of the best grass allowing the cheese to be rich and creamy. The goats come from a huge line allowing them to make the best milk giving cheese a great flavor.

The Goats and Cheese

Small children tend to love goats and this can be a great way for them to learn about where the cheese comes from and to experience a day on the farm and what goes into it. They can see the goats in their natural habitat and you can allow them to taste smooth and all natural cheese. The best nutrition is offered to the goats as they graze on high quality hay and feed allowing Humble Hearts Farms to create an array of great tasting chevre, or fresh goat cheese.

Frozen Desserts

Along with all natural goat cheese, there are also frozen desserts offered that taste like sorbets and ice creams, but because they have a low fat they can’t be labeled as an ice cream. They are referred to as Udder Escapes and Bama Cools. Enjoy one or the other as you take a tour of the farm and enjoy your dessert with family, friends or the little ones.


You can go on a farm tour as long as you make an appointment and its $10 for adults and $5 for children. For larger groups you can call the farm for group pricing allowing this to be a great way to spend the day with other family friends you might have.

Tours can be educational for children of all ages. Enjoy learning what the role of a shepherd is and high school children can even learn the science behind making cheese all the way down to the molecular level. Many schools plan field trips here allowing it to be a beneficial educational tool.

For a day filled with fun filled tours and relaxation, this can be a great option to consider. If you have family or friends who are coming to visit, take them to the farms for something to do that is out of the ordinary and not something monotonous.

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