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Restaurant Spotlight: 1892 East

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1892 East is more than just a restaurant it is also a tavern. It is a dining establishment that was constructed around the community. The goal was to provide people with a place they could eat and feel at peace with each other. In Huntsville, Alabama, you are not going to find a more lively and delicious place to eat.

What to Expect

The first thing you are going to notice about this dining establishment is the food. The cooks take great pride in only cooking their meals with farm fresh ingredients. The staff and the customers agree it just makes the food taste better. The chef of this establishment has a way of taking simple dishes and simple ingredients and making them taste like something you’ve never experienced before.

Food Selection

You can come here for brunch, lunch, dinner, an all vegetarian meal, or some beer and wine. They have a little bit of everything on their menu to ensure all of their guests enjoy the food.

Looking for a Caterer?

You can rest easy knowing the delicious and fresh food you have tasted at this establishment can be the food served at your next big party. Just call and ask them about their catering services. They would be happy to talk specifics and ensure you get everything you need so your party (and more importantly) the food served is a big hit.

Don’t Be Surprised When You Get Addicted

This is a restaurant that you become addicted to because of how great the food tastes. They use fresh ingredients and simple dishes that tantalize your taste buds. You will fall in love with how friendly the staff is and how warm and inviting the entire place is.

This local neighborhood tavern is proud to serve you your next meal.

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