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Reasons Why Buyers Love New Homes vs Used

Purchasing a home can be a stressful yet exciting proposition. It is the American dream. Some have the opportunity to purchase and design their homes from beginning to end. Others prefer the timeless qualities of older, renovated homes in the historic districts of Huntsville, AL.  If you’ve been on the hunt for a home in Huntsville recently, here are some reasons why buying a new home is better than a used house:

Huntsville New Construction

Technological Advancements

A new home is equipped with the latest technology to ensure it is as energy efficient and advanced as possible. From heating and cooling systems to doors and piping, new homes are designed to heat and cool with the utmost efficiency while saving homeowners maximum dollars every year. Advanced piping systems ensure quality and protection from water leaks, rust, and normal wear and tear for years. While inspectors are very good at detecting deficiencies in older homes, there are many potential problems hidden behind walls, underneath foundations, and atop roofs. These problems can delay or cancel sales altogether.

Modern Design

New homes are more appealing. New homes are built with the latest materials and designed with artistic style. Whether the home is designed with multiple archways, stone accents or creative geometric shapes, they far surpass their older counterparts that were made with basic shapes and materials that are no longer produced for home building.

Personal Tastes

In purchasing a new home, owners have the opportunity to design their home to suit personal tastes. Homeowners who purchase older or used homes have two choices. They either accept the tastes and designs of the previous owner or they redesign the home to meet their need. This can often be a very expensive proposition. However, when purchasing new, the homeowner can choose everything from the floor plan to fixtures. Resort style living is as simple as making a choice.

Modern Community

Resort style living is further enhanced by the community. In times past, gated or exclusive community living was something reserved for the wealthy. Today, new home communities are often gated and are equipped with many amenities that foster a close-knit community. Many new communities are equipped with concierge services that cater to homeowner needs and ensure the community is maintained with the utmost care. Pools, parks, and playgrounds are commonplace and very exciting for families of all ages. Water features and night lighting provide the perfect backdrop for evening strolls.


Home warranties are one of the biggest reasons many people prefer to buy new. Practically everything from the rooftop to the foundation is guaranteed for a specified amount of time. Even though many who purchase used will purchase warranties, no one enjoys filing a claim. Used homes have a greater potential for defects and may require relocation during repair. Even if this is not the case, living in a home during repair is a huge inconvenience.

Buying a New Home in Huntsville, AL

Purchasing new is more realistic than previously thought. There are many communities, and while the recent market has seen strong recovery, it has not reached its full potential. Buying a new home may be easier than you think. If you’d like to learn more about new construction in the area, contact us or view some of our selected neighborhoods (specializing in new construction).

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