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Pro Tips | How To Care For Your Winter Lawn


Take a quick peek outside your window–does your lawn need cleaning up before spring starts?  Since the spring is the prime time for selling a home, your winter lawn care is even more important. Check out these six winter lawn care tips for your yard this season.

Clear It Off
Many homeowners tend to leave decorations, outdoor furniture, and toys lying in the yard during the winter. These spots can cause a lot of damage come spring. Clear off anything you won’t be using during the winter to encourage strong grass growth when temperatures warm up. If you plan on using some outdoor furniture pieces, consider moving them to a different spot to give the grass underneath a chance to rest.

Overseed Warm Grass Types
Warm-season grasses are the best choice for use in Huntsville. This type of grass does well in hot southern locations and doesn’t mind the humidity. St. Augustine and Bermudagrass can both turn brown when they go dormant in the winter. It’s recommended to overseed these types of lawns with a cool-season variety like Kentucky Bluegrass. This will help keep a lush lawn throughout the winter that won’t turn brown like those other lawns in the neighborhood.

Mow It Low
Knowing how to care for your lawn is a great way to increase your home’s property value. Lawns kept long throughout the Alabama winter can cause some issues when spring arrives. Longer grass can harbor more water and will keep your yard from being able to dry out after a rainstorm. These wet spots create a perfect environment for pests and diseases. Make sure to keep your lawn short during the winter to prevent lawn disease.

Mulch in Leaves
You still may have a lot of dead leaves around your yard thanks to the mild temperatures that winter can bring. Raking up and disposing of these leaves is a thing of the past. Consider mulching the leaves into your lawn to provide an extra boost of nitrogen throughout the winter. Rent a leaf mulcher or spread the leaves all over the yard and mow them on the highest setting. Cutting the leaves down into smaller pieces allows them to absorb into the lawn to create a healthy environment.

Limit Use
Winter is the natural time for lawns to take a breather from the busy growing season. Like any plant, grass needs a break from the constant growth during the rest of the year. It’s wise to tread lightly on the lawn during the winter to protect the roots of the grass. The paths that see a lot of foot traffic during the winter may become damaged and create dead spots in the future. Allow your lawn a break during the winter to encourage healthy growth during the rest of the year.

Cover Bare Spots
The colder winter temperatures can highlight areas of the lawn that are beginning to thin due to a busy summer and fall season. Check your yard for the spots that need a little bit of extra care during the winter. Rake out bare or thinning spots and overseed them to encourage new grass growth. Leaving these spots open to the elements will invite weeds to move in which can become a headache come spring.

Caring for your winter lawn in Huntsville is an essential part of maintaining a healthy yard. Bundle up and do a little maintenance now, and in a few months, you’ll have the best yard on the block.

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