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    Mortgage Right Moment Part 4: How Debt Impacts Your Wealth

    By Amanda Howard | April 5, 2022

    You already know that debt impacts your wealth – the debt to income ratio – but, the question is how much? As Huntsville has grown so have the salaries and median home price – increasing debt for many here in the Tennessee Valley. So how much are people making around here? According to, the average... Read More

    MortgageRight Moment Part 3: Capitalizing On the Equity in Your Home

    By Amanda Howard | March 16, 2022

    It is no secret that Huntsville – and the US in general – has seen an increase in home valuation within the last two years. This is great for those looking to sell and homeowners that are looking to refinance. In Part 3 of our MortgageRight Moment we take a look at how refinancing can benefit you... Read More

    MortgageRight Moment Part 2: Now Is The Time to Sell

    By Amanda Howard | March 1, 2022

     In this week’s MortgageRight moment we take a look at why now is the right time to sell your home for the most equity.  The current situation is undoubtedly ripe for maximizing on your home’s equity. Although there ispotential for housing values to increase even further in the next few years based on COLI alone,... Read More

    MortgageRight Moment: Turning The Housing Market Into A Financial Advantage

    By Amanda Howard | February 8, 2022

    In this MortgageRight Moment we take a deeper dive into understanding how the current market will benefit homeowners in the near future. By now, most of us have seen the impact of our hometown’s recent metropolitan boom. Drasticallyahead of projections, Huntsville became the largest city in the state as reported by the Associated Pressin August... Read More

    An Introspective Look at 2021 & Why We Are Looking Forward to 2022

    By Amanda Howard | December 22, 2021

    2021 was something else! We experienced more love, more compassion, more understanding and more clarity as we navigated another year of calamity, division, illness, passing of loved ones, and uncertainty. I believe we will always have more of that on which we choose to focus. I believe it goes without saying that most of us... Read More

    It’s Christmas Time in the City!

    By Amanda Howard | December 14, 2021

    During the month of December I enjoy spending time with my family and friends embracing the holiday spirit. These special moments allow me to recharge and reflect on those around me.  From relaxing next to the fireplace at home to walking through the Tinsel Trail in Downtown Huntsville, I love creating memories and showing appreciation... Read More

    Amanda Howard’s Holiday Gift Guide

    By Amanda Howard | December 7, 2021

    The most festive and exciting time of the year is already upon us and it’s time to find that perfect gift for family and friends. This holiday season I’ve sat down and crafted a list of my favorite things that are great for everyone on your list!  Apple Homepod Mini This smart gift is a... Read More

    2021 Third Quarter Market Report

    By Amanda Howard | December 7, 2021

    The Third Quarter real estate market is making history. With days on market hitting an all time low and new quarterly sales records, it would not be surprising if the real estate market continues to spike during the holiday season.  The Huntsville Area Association of Realtors (HAAR) market report highlights the numbers and what this... Read More

    5 Reasons to Own a Home With a Porch

    By Amanda Howard | November 12, 2021

    With Fall being in the air there is no doubt you are getting ready to enjoy the cooler temperatures that come with the last few months of the year. Known as the gateway into the style of a home, porches are multi-functional outdoor spaces that provide different benefits for homeowners. 1. Enhances The Home’s Features ... Read More

    5 Reasons to Buy A Historic Home

    By Amanda Howard | October 15, 2021

    Historic homes have a lot to offer and have a rich history that many look to own. While purchasing a historic home may sound like a costly investment, there are many advantages to owning such a distinguished piece of history.  1. Historic Homes Are Rare Historic homes are far and few between, especially those in... Read More


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