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Newly Hatched Ideas for Easter Eggs!

Scrambling to find some new ideas for egg decorating?  Check out these new techniques to take your egg decorating skills to a whole new level!  We think they’re eggcelent ideas!  (See what we did there?!)

1. Pantone

This project is for the designer in all of us! We love these DIY Pantone Easter eggs created by Jessica from How About Orange. To do this project, you’ll need a few sheets of Silhouette temporary tattoo paper. Don’t forget to print the color numbers and Pantone name backwards!

Photo: How About Orange

2. Ombre

With a little spray paint and patience you can jump on the ombre-train this year! Choose complimenting pastel colors for a spring feel or mix the ombre eggs with other designs. To learn how to make your own, check out these step-by-step instructions from Ashbee Design.

Photo: Ashbee Design

3. Sharpie

Want to give your eggs a henna tattoo? How about cursive lettering? Simply grab a sharpie and decorate your eggs with your own personal illustrations. Draw over their natural color for a classic black and white look or start inscribing after you’ve dyed your eggs different colors.  Tip: Permanent markers come in a wide array of colors and thicknesses, so buy different sizes to vary the look of your design.

Photo: Obviously Sweet

4. Silk Dyed

If you have any patterned silk fabric scraps lying around from old neckties or blouses, use them for this DIY! Wrap the eggs in silk and secure the fabric with a white sheet and a twist-tie. Then place them in a solution of boiling water and vinegar. If you used up all your fabric scraps during your last DIY project, you can purchase a ready-to-go dye kit for only $12 from BooBahBlue’s Etsy shop!

Photo: BooBahBlue | Etsy

5. Chalkboard Paint

We’ve found another reason to love chalkboard paint! Coating eggs with this versatile surface is a great way for your kids to showcase their art skills again and again without taking up too much space. Your chalkboard-paint eggs will be a perfect contrast to standard spring colors!

Photo: laughinggnomes | Etsy

6. Speckled

If you prefer a natural look, make DIY speckled eggs! Dye the eggs as you normally would, then take an old toothbrush and dip the bristles in a little brown paint. Carefully pull back on the bristles of the toothbrush so the brown paint sprays onto the egg. They’ll look so authentic that even Mama Robin would be fooled! For full instructions, check out these tips from Karin at Your Cozy Home.

Photo: Michael Partenio | Karin Lidbeck

7. Lace

It’s easy to add a delicate touch to your eggs this year! Wrap pieces of lace around the eggs extremely tight (just make sure you don’t break the egg) and fasten the lace with a rubber band. Then dip the egg in a solution of food coloring, boiling water and vinegar. For full instructions, check out Celebrating Everyday Life.


Special thanks to our friends at Bright Nest for these great ideas!  Check out their site for more clever home tips.

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