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New Year Resolutions for Your Huntsville Home

With the value of homes in Huntsville on the rise, this will certainly be a good year to do some home improvements. Adding a home-related improvement to your list of New Years Resolutions can give you the motivation you need to take on long-neglected tasks. Start 2014 with more than your personal goals. Add some home resolutions to your list. Here are a few ideas:

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1.Budget for Home Improvements

More than likely, you have a long list of home repairs waiting to be completed. What’s lacking among them is appropriate financing, so this year, budget out money for these expected expenses. By creating a budget, it will help you avoid overspending and encourage you to put aside more money for major replacements (such as a new kitchen appliance). By knowing how much you’ll probably spend every year on maintenance, you can protect your finances. The U.S. Census Bureau says that average annual maintenance and home improvement expenses cost are around $3,300 per household.

2. Purify Indoor Air

The quality of air in your home can sometimes get muddled with pet dandruff and other indoor pollutants. Adding air filters to your home is a step towards breathing cleaner air. Also, make sure that your HVAC system is in top shape. When the filters are dirty, you simply recycle old and filthy air around your home. Finally, make sure that your kitchen is properly ventilated so that cooking fumes don’t affect your air.

3. Exercise Your DIY Skills & Lose Weight

If one of your New Year resolutions is to lose weight, don’t commit yourself to an annual gym membership. Routine home maintenance and repair will not only help you lose weight, but it’ll keep your home tip-top shape. Here’s a general outlook of how much calories you’ll burn from various home repairs (gauged by CalorieLab):

  • Building a Fence: 340 calories per hour
  • Caulking Windows & Doors: 280 calories per hour
  • Cleaning Rain Gutters: 272 calories per hour
  • Interior Painting: 136 calories per hour
  • Mowing the Lawn: 306 calories per hour
  • General Gardening: 204 calories per hour

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4. Grow Your Community

The quality of your home life doesn’t only depend on what goes on inside your home. Your community can also play a big role in lifestyle satisfaction. For this reason, taking on a community improvement project is a rewarding opportunity. You can devote some of your time to a project that’s already started, such as a community watch. Or, you could start a new project for something lacking in your community, perhaps a community garden or block party.

5. Improve Your Home Together

For a unique family bonding activity, start a home improvement project together. Everyone can have a say in what gets done. Pick a few projects that need to be completed and let the family vote. Then, give everyone a task according to their ability. If you are the only one who knows how to do the task, then you have a great opportunity to teach. You can learn and work as a family, and everyone will reap the benefits.

Start the New Year with Your Home Resolutions

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your home this year. Pick a job that’s both interesting and needed, and you’ll have more success. And remember that although you’ll have all year to complete your goal, getting started early will help you have a higher chance of finishing your project.

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