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New Jobs in Huntsville Means Relocation for Some Families


With the new Remington plant opening and providing plenty of new jobs to the Huntsville area, some families have decided to relocate from other areas of the country. This process can be very difficult, without the right help. Here’s what you should know about relocation if you’re moving to Huntsville to work at the Remington plant.

Life will be Hectic, but will Settle, too

Whenever you relocate, life is hectic for quite some time. Add in a new job, new schools for the kids and plenty of other adjustments and you can expect the first three to six months to be hectic.

You may start out renting a place temporarily, while searching for a home or you may be staying with family during the process. Regardless, it’s going to be hectic, but remember, this will pass and you will settle in nicely.

You’re Not Alone

The best thing to remember when relocating to Huntsville is that you’re not alone. The professionals at Amanda Howard Real Estate have become the preferred company for Remington Employees relocating and looking for homes locally. With plenty of benefits provided for those relocating, you will certainly have somebody on your side.

Amanda Howard Real Estate provides personalized relocation benefits including:

  • Relocation Packets complete with area statistics, maps and attractions
  • Area Tours
  • Exclusive Access to Home Listing not Released to the Public Yet
  • And More!

If you want to ensure you find more than just a house, choose Amanda Howard Real Estate. You won’t just find any old house, but the right house, in the right neighborhood, when you work with the right agent.

Relocation Opens Up Opportunities

Another huge part of relocation and the reason you may be relocating is the opportunity it opens up. You will not only have a new job opportunity, but also a new home opportunity, new relationships, a new community and more. Sometimes, a fresh start is necessary and relocation provides it.

Whether you already live in Huntsville and working for Remington allows you to move into a new home or you are relocating from another area, Amanda Howard Real Estate will help you find the right home for you.

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