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New Firearm Plant from Remington Up and Running in Alabama

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Alabama has a new firearm plant and it’s from Remington, one of the largest makers of guns in the country. The plant has already started to produce the first gun and it will bear the Huntsville stamp. It’s a pocket .380-cal. pistol, which will be marketed to both men and women.

At the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, the company proudly displayed this gun with the “Huntsville” stamp found on the right side of it. The gun is a small semi-automatic and will have the model number of RM380. It holds six cartridges in the magazine with room for a seventh in the chamber. The gun is also being made in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The CEO and chairman of Remington, George Kollitides stated that the plant in Alabama will also be making rifles. The plant has already started to produce both pistols and rifles and will continue to hire as it grows.

The company is thrilled with the reception it has received in Huntsville. With the support of the community, they plan to add to the workforce and continue to recruit from the local area. Of course, the city is thrilled to add even more jobs to the economy and local residents are happy about the addition of the plant, as well.

In a conversation between Kollitides and Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana, Kollitides stated that the company is very happy with the way things are going in Huntsville. He stated that Alabama is the right area for snagging prize recruits.

They even discussed the possibility of other large gun manufactures moving to the south since the southern states are more gun-friendly. With Remington leading the way, others may not be far behind. For Huntsville, this means more jobs, added cash into the economy and more growth within the city.

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