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New Construction Homes vs Older/Renovated Homes

Shopping for a home can be difficult. Do you prefer an older home in an established neighborhood or a brand new home that hasn’t yet been built? Older homes may have older appliances but more character. Newly built homes may look much like other homes in the neighborhood, yet they have never been lived in. They are brand new. The choices are endless.

New Construction Homes in Huntsville AL

Twickenham Historic Homes

Here are some pros and cons of buying old versus new.

Pros of Buying an Older Home

  1. Older homes have more character than newly built homes.
  2. The prices may be lower, there is more room to negotiate.
  3. The neighborhood is established.
  4. The yard may be landscaped with green grass, flowers, bushes and older trees.

Cons of Buying an Older Home

  1. There may be more maintenance in an older home.
  2. The appliances may be older, lighting and windows could be outdated.
  3. You should have a home inspection to be sure that everything is in good working condition.
  4. You may or may not have a fenced yard, a patio, or a garage.

Pros of Newly Constructed Homes

  1. There is virtually no maintenance involved. If there is, you have a home warranty.
  2. You have a choice of floor plans to choose from. Choose your own flooring, paint colors, kitchen counter tops and cabinets.
  3. Appliances are energy efficient.
  4. The home is brand new, nothing is used.

Cons of Newly Constructed Homes

  1. Yards are not landscaped. You have no mature trees, bushes, flowers or even grass.
  2. Homes may not have the character of an older home.
  3. There are additional costs for upgrades.
  4. You will more than likely have to pay HOA fees.

Huntsville has an extraordinary variety of older, renovated homes located in great neighborhoods like Historic Downtown and the Medical District. The city also has plenty of newer subdivisions being developed, which offer great, affordable new construction homes. Neighborhoods and home listings to check out include:

If you’d like more information about Huntsville real estate or need assistance in finding the dream home, don’t hesitate to contact us: click here.


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