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Market Shifts and Prices: How this Impacts You!

This week Amanda personally reflects on the market and when she forecasts that pricing will begin to change. From experience, she understands how to navigate a changing market and how to be an advocate for her clients. Read more below from Amanda’s desk:

“In September 2008 the stock market crashed, and the housing bubble burst.  I remember because it was right as I was starting my Real Estate team and was feeling a little bit nervous about my employees and team members relying on me. It was a tough but educational 12 months from there that launched us into opening our own firm.  Here is what I noticed with prices.

Prices lag 6 months.  The market crashed and banks went under but home prices didn’t go down for 6 months.  

In today’s world, we have an all-time average sale price throughout the greater Huntsville and Madison county area of $322k in our first quarter. That is up 21.6% from 2021. There are indications that we have hit a peak but, the numbers won’t indicate a price change for another 6 months.

This means those that can list and successfully sell in the next 6 months would have timed the top of the market.

I have prepared and trained my real estate team to list 3X as many homes this Summer as before.  We are ready to complete a full market analysis for everyone that needs to know their home’s value and execute to list and sell at the peak for our clients.

Would you consider selling your home at the peak?  

My team would be happy to complete a market report on the value of your home! Please feel free to give us a call to learn more. 

There is no obligation to list or sell. 

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