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    Make an Entrance: Craftsman Style Home Feature

    Make an entrance and forget about the usual designs of new construction homes. Huntsville’s historic and medical districts have continually captured locals’ hearts with charming home features and lovable architectural styles. At the root of that admiration are craftsman style elements. Your eyes can’t help but fall on the interesting features, yet at the same time you’re not sure why it’s so beautiful. So, here’s a breakdown on how craftsman style features stand out and how they can improve your home selling potential.

    huntsville craftsman style door
    By Goforth Gill Architects

    The Front Porch

    Southern-style porches are supported by square columns while conspicuous stone chimneys accentuate the home’s exterior. Homeowners and buyers love them because it provides an extended livable space for smaller homes. Families and friends can sit outside, enjoy the Huntsville weather, and talk to other neighbors. It also provides an extra space to do some exterior decorating, like hanging flower pots and installing a swing chair.

    One of the most distinguishing features of the front porch is the door. By design, craftsman style homes usually have eye-popping colors that make it stand out among other homes, but it’s the door that truly makes a statement. Some popular paint tones that catch your attention include lipstick red for lighter wall colors and soft-colored wooden doors for darker homes.


    Windows – Gateway to Your Home

    Windows are the most overlooked feature of many homes, but they’re the one key that could raise or lower your homes sale value. With many craftsman style homes, you’ll notice multi-pane windows instead of single-pane ones. What this does for your home is bring in more natural light, and in return adds a spacious feeling. With more space (perceived) comes more home value. Plus, no one likes living in a dark home.

    Craftsman Home Living room
    By Lise Henderson – Harvest Architecture

    Home Interior

    What first draws people’s attention to craftsman style homes is the character of the house. It’s different. It’s unique. And it’s special. But that character doesn’t stop outside. Inside, you can find a wide array of floor plan designs that fit to specific lifestyles. For some homeowners, they need it to be family functional, which means opening up the kitchen and creating a casual dining area for everyone. Others love the utilization of classic built-ins to help eliminate clutter. And last of all, people always enjoy the colorful combos to the interior. It adds a fresh outlook and breaks the mold of everyday homes.

    Finding Craftsman Style Homes

    Huntsville Craftsman Home

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