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Is Your Home Stuck in the Past?

Today I’d like to share five great pieces of smart home technology that will help you save time, money, and energy.

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As technology and innovation continues to grow in 2018, our gadgets have become essential to our daily lives. But what about adding smart technology to your home?

Today I’ll be telling you about five easy ways to add smart technology to your home that will help you save money, energy, and time.

1. Smart thermostats. This particular piece of smart-home technology will make your home more comfortable and your air conditioner more efficient. Your wallet will thank you for incorporating this easy-to-control device into your home. Many smart thermostats can be controlled using your mobile device, while others are voice-activated. This technology can help monitor your preferences and behaviors, then perform accordingly.

2. Smart door locks. Say goodbye to traditional keys and keep your home safe with a keypad and code, instead.

3. Video doorbell. Gone are the days of struggling to identify visitors through your peephole. Now you can connect a video doorbell to your Wi-Fi and get a crystal-clear view of whoever may be at your step.

4. Smart smoke detectors. It is time to upgrade your home’s security using this amazing technology. Smart smoke detectors, many of which also detect carbon dioxide and monitor general air quality, can boost your family’s safety and save money all in one.

5. The SkyDrop. This smart irrigation system controller allows you to take lawn care to a new level. The SkyDrop can self-adjust based on weather patterns in your area in order to keep your lawn as healthy as possible without sacrificing efficiency in the process.

For more information on each of these items, check out this great article from

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Mr. and Mrs. Jake and Mary Edit Hubbard

Mr. James Derrickson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Aurelia Casos

Ms. Madie Jolly

Mr. and Mrs. Austin and Amber Reeves

Mr. and Mrs. Cory and Jamie Cristiano

Mr. Mark Kubichan

Ms. Catherine Carroll

Mr. Michael Denty

Mr. Desmond Johnson and Ms. Gloria Kim

Ms. Sarah L. Bice

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Linda Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin and Shelley Steadman

Mr. and Mrs. Donnie and Audra Hopkins

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy and Terisa Lang

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Brynne Huff

Ms. Nancy Cain

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl and Easter Lightford

Mr. and Mrs. David and Pam Bodie

Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Tina Eudy

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery and Susan Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Armon and Stacy Hull

Mr. Ramon Sinclair

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Ginger Cope

Mr. and Mrs. David and Carolyn Grandison


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