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Is It Time For You to Move to a New Home?

Is it time for you to move? If you identify with any of these five signs, it very well could be.

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Welcome back to “Monday Morning Coffee!” Have you ever wondered if it might be time to consider selling your home and moving to a different one? How would you know when the time is right? How could you get the most value possible from your home? Would it sell quickly? For those who are wondering about any of the above, today I want to share a list of common signs that now may be the best time for you to move to a new home.

1. Money. If your financial situation has changed, so has your budget. Whether it has increased or decreased, we can help you find a home where the mortgage payment suits your wallet.

2. You have outgrown storage space. Perhaps you have inherited some items, or you just need some extra closet space to store some things.

3. Your family is expanding. We understand that it is hard to part with your first home, but just think of the families eagerly watching for a home like yours to come available, as well as the new memories you can create with a new home.

4. The kids are gone. Now that the nest is empty, you might have more space than you need. Perhaps you have always wanted a theater room, or maybe you don’t want any stairs or you want a smaller yard.

5. It would cost less to move than to continue repairing your current home. We work with several investors who might be willing to make you a cash offer for your home. Investors don’t mind repairs, and you can use that cash offer as a down payment or for some new furnishings for your next home.

If any of these signs resonate with you, it could be time to make a move. Reach out to us to speak with one of our listing specialists, and we can discuss our customized marketing plan for your home, the current market value, and the average time it has taken for similar homes to yours to sell. One of our housing hunting specialists can also help you start planning your next move.

This Week’s Closings, Congratulations!

Mr. Omar Rhodes

Ms. Frances Jennings

Mr. Jeremy Whitaker

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Jennifer Crispi

Mr. Erick Seltmann

Ms. Pamela Esposito

Mr. Louis Nagy and Ms. Jennifer Convington

Mr. and Mrs. Justin and Danielle Terrell

Mr. and Mrs. Brett and Carla Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Sabrina Page

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip and Angelia York

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob and Rachell Burleson

Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Amy Book

Mr. Brandon Reeves

Mr. Alan Cooper

Estate of Betty Martin Fogg

Ms. Debbie Fogg Tucker

Mr. Brandon Laseter

Mr. and Mrs. James and Ellie George

Mr. Charles Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. David and Kathryn Strunk

Mr. and Mrs. Albert and Kimberly Gaines

Mr. and Mrs. Elvin and Joyce Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Dana Wihebrink Jr

Mr. Jerry Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Cassandra Lamon

Ms. Breanna and Ms. Shelby Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Rebecca Penn

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Kimberly Milka

Bleu Lagoon, LLC

Cartus Financial Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas and Julia Driskill

Mrs. Alex Haas

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle and Brittany Macurak

Ms. Shirley Hendrix

Ms. Stacey Dawn Lawson Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland and Tina McKenzie

Tobias Property Solutions HSV LLV

Mr. Jonathan Crim

Mr. Ourania Murphy

Ms. Veronica Prosser and Mr. John Cothran

Estate of Barbara K. Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Curtis and Ann Steverson

Mr. Ramon Sinclair

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Marlena Odour

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Tammy Pawola

Mr. Sean Entrekin

Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Novelette Doss

Mr. and Mrs. David and Sarah Galloway

Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Cynthia Ward

Hot New Listings For Sale:


    1611 Wellman Avenue $338,000

    7726 Donegal Drive $620,000

    Madison County

    133 Stony Crossing Road $323,000

    123 Anita Drive $229,900

    117 Properzi Way $225,000

    122 Sam Houston $274,900

    244 NE Valleyside Drive $105,000

    316 Research Station Blvd. $200,000

    116 Carleighfalls Drive $209,500

    114 Telluride Drive $166,800

    299 Lincoln Road $980,000  


    4898 Cathedral Caverns Highway $89,900

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