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Benefits of working with a Buyer Agent

Today we are going to discuss a question we often hear from buyers: “Why would I need a buyer agent, can’t I just work with any agent who can get me into the home?”

What buyers are really asking when they pose this question is “What is a buyer agent?”

Huntsville Real Estate Agent

A buyer agent is a real estate agent who represents only you, the buyer. One of the responsibilities of being a buyer agent includes protecting buyers from making bad decisions, like overpaying or skipping the home inspection. They are always looking out for the best interests of the buyer in protecting them from situations that could take advantage of a novice buyer who doesn’t study the real estate market.

In short, the buyer agent protects you. A buyer agent will guide you in making those tough but smart decisions, especially when the best decision is to walk away.

Getting into a mortgage is a huge commitment. If you ask some of the people who have been underwater on their home for the last few years, they probably wish they would have had a buyer agent who told them they were overpaying, or that the mortgage rate wasn’t right for them.

If you are looking for a buyer agent who will be brutally honest with you, while helping you make the right decisions, reach out to us today. Our unique office structure consists of both listing specialist agents and buyer specialist agents ready to assist you with your individual needs.

We know the market, we know the neighborhoods you are looking in, and we know how to get you into the right home for your situation.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to give us a call. We would love to help you in any way we can.

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This Week’s Closings, Congratulations!

Nell Cohee Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hough

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bermes

Ms. Wilma Irvin

Ms. Kimberly Hill-Ingram

Mr. Freddie Ingram Jr

Mr. Chiragkumar Patel

Ms. Sonal Kapoor

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah DiNardo

Ms. Aida Principe

Ms. Kathryn Holt

Ms. Peggy Clark

Mr. Vincent Sullivan

Mr. Randall Nemyo

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Copeland

Ms. Michale Conner

Ms. Cynthia Cindric

Mr. Terry Wright of The Oasis Group

Mr. Robert Cornellof the Cornell Family Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bagsby

Mr. Ethan Harris

Mr. Shelby G. Brewer

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Stricklin

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Largen

Mr. and Mrs. George Gregory, Jr.

Ms. Mellissa Blockel


This Week’s New Listings For Sale:

211 NW Berine Avenue, $109,900

119 Cherita Lane, $299,000

3006 Summit View Circle, $393,500

4911 Cove Valley Drive, $259,500

118 Windridge Way, $259,900

100 Maple Ridge Drive, $196,000

6703 Marsh Avenue, $129,500

3809 McEwen Drive, $83,500

109 Appleberry Lane, $175,000

209 Chesapeake BLVD, $165,000








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