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    5 Things That Drive Buyers Crazy- And How to Avoid Them When Selling Your Home

    Recently, we came across an article in Realtor Magazine that listed things that drive buyers crazy when viewing a home. They conducted a poll to see what annoyed buyers the most when home shopping. We decided to share the results because they may be helpful if you decide to sell your Huntsville home.

    -Homeowner is present during the showing: This can often make buyers feel uncomfortable. During the showing, you should run an errand, take the dog for a walk, or grab a cup of coffee. That way, the real estate agent can do their job and the buyer won’t get distracted.

    -Pets and their messes: Of course your pets are cute, but they may act differently around strangers. Even if you have them in a kennel, a barking or growling pet is a good way to get buyers out the door before taking a good look at your property.

    -Bad smells: Do your best to eliminate as many odors as you can – this includes cooking odors, cigarette smoke, and pet smells. Don’t cook with garlic or strong spices before the showing. Candles and air fresheners can make a huge difference!

    -Odd home makeovers: Sometimes taking things into your own hands can lead to do-it-yourself disasters. Examples include: doors that open the wrong way, unprofessional painting, and rooms being used incorrectly, among others.

    -Dirty and cluttered areas: Having dishes in the sink, laundry on the floor, and clutter on the counters and throughout the home is a great way to turn a buyer off. It is distracting and will have a negative impact on the showing.

    Most of these things can be avoided with a little extra work. However, having your home professionally staged and an agent to guide you is the best way to ensure your showings go great. For more home seller tips, be sure to stay tuned – in a few weeks we’ll have our stager with us to discuss some in-depth tips for getting your Huntsville home ready to sell.

    If you have real estate questions for the Huntsville or Madison County area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to keep you informed on all things real estate, all the time!


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    This Week’s Closings, Congratulations!

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bludsworth

    Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Hood

    Mr. and Mrs. John Lindberg

    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wilburn

    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hardiman

    Mr. and Mrs. John Elliott

    Mr. and Mrs. Benard Namie

    Mr. Seth Whited

    Ms. Georgia Ettleman

    Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bobo

    Mr. and Mrs. William Parks

    Mr. Frank Paul

    Mr. and Mrs. Shane Youngblood

    Ms. Madie Jolly

    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Branam

    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chapman

    Mr. and Mrs. Lance McLaughlin

    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Almand

    Mr. Gabriel Castaneda

    Ms. Velia Castaneda

    Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Bevis

    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Woodis

    Mr. Darren B. Browne

    Ms. Rosalie Largent

    Mr. and Mrs. James Scrivner

    Colton Acquisitions LLC

    Mr. and Mrs. John Thornton

    Mr. Billy Bennett

    The Oasis Group, Inc

    Mr. Michael Fricke

    Mrs. Lisa Eberhart


    This Week’s New Listings For Sale:

    104 Khaki Ridge Drive $199,900

    157 Tammy Gaines Lane $185,000

    3516 Choctaw Drive $147,500

    4025 SW Belle Grove Drive $59,900

    102 Misty River Lane $264,900

    2330 Skypark Road $899,000

    145 Waterbury Drive $200,000

    4415 NW McClain Lane $97,900

    2298 Highway 36 $193,900

    1910 Capri Drive $169,500

    27943 J B Magnusson Drive $175,000

    1218 Wellman Avenue $189,900

    2028 Fairway Hills Drive $205,000


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