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When is the best time to move?

Welcome back to the latest edition of Monday Morning Coffee. If you’ve stayed up to date with our recent market reports, you’ve noticed the housing spike in the market. This has us very excited to see where the 2015 market is heading.

With the increased activity in the market, we recently received some interesting news regarding your ability to move this summer. The fact is that there will be a shortage of moving trucks and workers this summer. We are joined today by Brad Murphy, of Armstrong Relocation & Companies, who is going to tell us how we can be proactive about this potential shortage.

Roughly 65% of a mover’s revenue occurs in 120 days of the year, and according to the employee relocation council, the housing market will be up by 15% by the end of the year. We are seeing numbers return that are similar to the numbers in 2007. But even with this increase in sales, the number of movers has decreased. We are currently operating with 30% less van drivers than we were in 2007, due to lowered pay and a tightening of industry standards. There is such a shortage of movers and vehicles, you may have an issue finding your own vehicle to rent to move yourself.Pull Quote Template

So, how will this affect you? If you can’t move yourself, you need to make sure you find a mover and secure that space before it’s too late. If you wait longer than that, you may not find one, especially when it comes in June and July. If at all possible, avoid the last 3-4 days of the month with your move, because statistics show that’s when the most people are moving. Do your best to be strategic with your move.

If you have any questions for Brad or myself, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Even if you aren’t planning to move this summer, share this article with someone who is, because they should know about this information as well. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


This Week’s Closings,


Mr. Larry Wayne Wood

Ms. Lucretia Thomas

Ms. Lois Henry

Ms. Kataren Johnson

Mr. William Brian Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Maruren Lacey

Mr. John McQueen

Ms. Debra C. Jacks

Mr. James Randall

Ms. Sherry Cook

Ms. Debbie Fosselius

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Muzzo

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Montgomery

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dempsey

Mr. Lucas Elliott

Ms. Deena Youngblood

Mr. Phillip Hulley

Ms. Amanda James

Mr. Justin Wood

Ms. Karen Everheart

Mr. Jeremy Mills

Mr. Alan Raetz

Ms. Lillian Sticker

Mr. Joshua Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cox

This Week’s New Listings

For Sale:

205 Heather Glen Drive, $279,900

136 Tammy Gaines Lane, $139,900

27647 Eastland Drive, $169,900

5825 Highway 53, $2,200,000

120 Wolf Creek Trail, $275,000

108 Rose Point Court, $340,000

1076 Walker Lane, $239,900

105 Holly Oak Lane, $122,900

121 Dogwood Ridge Drive, $325,000

113 Burwell Hills Drive, $$200,000

3113 Cove Lake Road, $291,500

992 River Loop Road, $125,000

98 Mabry Drive, $200,000

145 Valley Stone Road, $207,900

273 Bermuda Lakes Drive, $145,000

3006 Grand Lake Way, $299,000

129 Laredo Circle, $113,000

0 Tall Grass Circle, $29,900

17522 Meadows Road, $155,000

429 Quarter Mountain Road, $$550,000

118 Bibb Road, $219,000

995 McKee Road, $59,000

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