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“Should I buy a flipped house?”

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A recent report revealed that 20% of all homes purchased nationally are being bought by investors who pay in cash. These homes are bought so new owners can rent them out. In Huntsville, many local investors like to buy, renovate, and sell these cash-bought homes.

While these flipped homes are eye-catching, it’s absolutely crucial to get a comprehensive home inspection if you are interested in buying one. Despite their looks – the fresh coats of paint, attractive landscaping, new kitchens, and updated bathrooms – there could potentially be serious problems lurking under the surface.

To ensure you’re not buying a home with defects that will cost you a lot of money down the road, you need to have a reputable company, one that will be detailed and honest with you, inspect your home. This way, you can avoid a home with sinking foundations, faulty plumbing, or leaky roofs that you never would have noticed otherwise.

Having an agent that can help you negotiate key repairs before you move in can be the difference between moving into your dream home and a nightmare. Once the inspector assures you that the home is a solid investment and has been renovated thoroughly, you can look forward to enjoying the benefits of an established area with a newly updated home.

If you have any questions about flipped homes or need real estate assistance of any kind, give us a call. We’ll help take the pressure off the buying and selling process!

This Week’s Closings, Congratulations!

Mr. and Mrs. Benjie Neeley
Ms. Charlie Byrum
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colannino Jr.
Mr. Edward Allen
Mr. Brian J. Rainey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ogg
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Czura
Mr. Juan Peralta
Mr. Juan Rivera
Ms. Tina Marie Fiedler
Mr. Samuel Sample
Mr. Sean R. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. David White
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hicks
Ms. Anita Andrews
Mr. Troyton Harris



This Week’s New Listings For Sale:

207 White Picket Trail $299,900

2202 Brandon Street $169,900

88 Cedar Cove Road $539,900

142 Mystic Arbor Drive $324,900

3129 Hale Drive $63,500

211 West Highlander $130,000

7407 South Catawba Circle $247,000

302 Summer Cove $154,900

101 General Jackson Court $259,900

6724 Steeplechase Drive $114,900

3114 Hillsboro Road $60,000

135 Bridgefield Road $264,500

25999 Apple Orchard Lane $298,000


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