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    Searching for a new home is always fraught with decisions. Some home styles offer this, but not that. Location and pricing are always big factors, but there are common trends that a majority of people are looking for, and these are home features. Being comfortable and feeling warm inside your house is equally important as the price. No one will enjoy waking up every morning if their house doesn’t portray that sense of homeliness. That’s why we’re highlighting a few home features that everyone loves and wants in a Huntsville property.

    Huntsville Home Kitchen

    1. Large Kitchens, with a Breakfast Area – In recent years, the kitchen has become the eating place for many families. The role of the dining room has changed into a more formal appearance instead of the casual dinner. Often homeowners enjoy little breakfast areas to sit down at in the morning, eat a snack, and read the newspaper. It keeps the atmosphere light and casual. Inside the kitchen, people look for space and energy-efficient appliances. No one wants to feel cramped while cooking, and they want the best tools to make their special dishes.

    2. Main-Floor Master Suite – This feature is becoming more and more popular by the year. Homeowners are looking for a master suite on the main floor. They want those cozy features that help them relax at night and they want a connecting bath, so they don’t have to walk across the house to go to the bathroom. Another feature that’s becoming a must-have in the master bath is a tub. Work days and family life can be stressful from time to time, so they want the ability to lay down in some warm water and just soak for hours.

    3. Home Office/Study – One of the biggest features homeowners are searching for is space for a home office. With the digital age growing, people want an office to house their computer. They want an area where they can quietly work a little bit and roam the internet. Sometimes, this might even be a more important feature than a formal dining room.

    Huntsville Home Office

    Huntsville Home Features

    Local builders in Huntsville have kept pace with the “must-have” features home buyers are looking for. A large amount of new construction homes and custom-built houses in areas like Hampton Cove has increasingly reflected these desires. Special design elements have been given a second thought based on the features home buyers are looking for. Now, you’ll find spacious kitchens with breakfast nooks. Master suites tend to be on the main floor and include master baths. And a lot of people transform the extra bedroom into a home office.

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