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Have a Safe Summer with our Grilling Safety Tips!

Memorial Day weekend is the traditional kickoff of summer which means grilling season is officially here! We recently attended WhistleStop weekend in Huntsville and gathered some helpful grilling tips to share with you.

BBQ safety tips:

  1. Make sure your food is always thoroughly cooked to the proper temperature. Purchase a thermometer that shows the proper cook temperatures for various foods. Nothing spoils a BBQ like food poisoning!
  2. Never leave your grill unattended. Prevent flare-ups and overcooked food by staying at the grill.
  3. Keep a spray bottle full of water within reach to quickly put out flare-ups.
  4. For propane grills, be sure to open the grill lid before ignition to allow any gas that has collected under the lid to disperse.
  5. Clean regularly and check for gas leaks.
  6. Never grill indoors!
  7. Don’t leave decorations too close to the grill or hanging near the grill.

Special thank you to our friends who visited with us WhistleStop weekend and for providing helpful summer grilling tips!


This Week’s Closings, Congratulations!

Mr. William Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Starr
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cohick
Mr. and Mrs. Nathanael Litter
Ms. Melissa Cox
Ms. Mary Lapietra Carey
Mr and Mrs. Wesley Marsh
Mr. Justin Rutledge
Ms. Susan Allen
Ms. Stephanie Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Roby Mink
Mr. John Wells
Mr. Doug Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Kirby
Mr. Jay Land
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Harty
Mr. Scott Hardiman
Mr. and Mrs. Kelsey Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Sisk

This Week’s New Listings For Sale:

21867 Hwy 251 $225,000
16476 McCulley Mill Road $374,900
172 Farmington Drive $101,000
203 Amber Lane $158,000
2607 Valley Brook Circle $161,000
16004 Michelle Drive $197,500
1966 Autumn Creek Drive $599,900
127 Eastfield Drive $170,000
311 Eastview $200,000
5006 Liberty Park Circle $209,995
6706 Zach Lane $295,000
3212 Sandstone Street $319,000
2817 Holiday Drive $75,000
110 Turney Lane $200,000
153 Francisco Road $250,000


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