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Fall is Here! Time To Spice Up Your Bathroom

Let’s play a game. When we say bathroom, what comes to mind?

We’re guessing a few things popped into your head… but “great smells” was not one of those thoughts. Let’s change that! Fall is officially just around the corner, but sweater weather has already started in parts of the country.

Celebrate the season of pumpkin-spiced everything by bringing fall into the bathroom. That way, you can brush your teeth while enjoying the pleasant aroma of allspice. Here are five easy ways to spice up your bathroom with fall scents:


1. Burn the Perfect Mixture of Candles

For a fall trifecta, light up three scented candles – rosemary, lemon and vanilla – for a sweet, earthy scent in the bathroom.


2. Make Dried Potpourri

Combining dried ingredients in a jar is a great way to create a low-maintenance, long-lasting scent.

Our favorite potpourri mixture? Dried apple slices, nutmeg and cinnamon. Mix the ingredients in a decorative bowl or vase and place the bowl in your bathroom. That’s it!



3. Add 3 Drops of Nutmeg to the Inside of Your Toilet Paper Roll

Dab three drops of your favorite fall essential oil like nutmeg, allspice or cinnamon onto the inside of your toilet paper roll. Every time you pull off a square of TP, the aroma will be released into the air.



4. Make a Chopstick Diffuser

To make a fall diffuser, you’ll need: mineral oil, vodka, chopsticks, essential oil and a small vase. Mix ¼ cup of mineral oil with 2-3 tablespoons of vodka in the vase. Then add essential oil – you want the mixture to be 75 percent “base” and 25 percent essential oil. Insert reeds or chopsticks and enjoy!

A few of our favorite essential oils for fall are allspice, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, rosewoodand ginger.



5. Stick Some Cloves In an Orange and Call it a Day

Using a safety pin, prick the orange to create a small crevice for a clove. Cover the orange in cloves and set it on a small plate or candleholder for decoration and aroma in your bathroom. Note: We recommend replacing the orange on a weekly basis to avoid any rotting.


Special thanks to our friends at BrightNest for these awesome tips!

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