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Dreaming of a Spa Tub at Home?

Why Own A Spa Tub:

Spa tubs are the latest innovation in modern design for bathrooms. They are available in customized coloring, texture, shape, length, width, and depth. However, just because they look chic and cosmopolitan it doesn’t mean they work or install like a traditional tub. Yes, owning a spa tub is a relaxing experience and they are used for medical purposes, such as muscle and joint relaxation. Spa tubs are a stress reliever, especially those that incorporate hydrotherapy with various levels of jet options. Another great advantage to enjoy a spa tub in the home is its resale value. Any remodeling done within the home increases its value and a spa tub certainly is an attractive feature.

Spa Tub in Huntsville AL
by Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

Spa Tub Installation:

Installing and owning a spa rub requires beforehand knowledge of its operations, cleaning, and general maintenance. Spa tubs are a wonderful dream product to own, but it should be installed by a professional company. An additional professional should be an electrician for the necessary wiring components, a plumber who can connect the tub’s piping, and a tile contractor.

Parts of a Spa Tub:

Some of the parts and models associated with spa tubs are similar to a standard tub, but they also contain specific parts for its unique structure. These parts include its ability to use a standard 110-volt power for its motor and heater use, or 15-amp ground fault circuit interrupter receptacle to run the motor, which allows it to be more cost effective. A pump, flanges, a circulatory system, thermostat, air volume control system, fiber optic lighting, and timers are a few of the special features associated with owning your dream spa tub.

Spa Tub Material and Parts:

Materials used in designing various size spa tubs include light weight acrylic, cast iron, fiberglass, copper, and eco-friendly stone material. The latest spa tub technology includes pipeless models, which eliminates the need for pipes, pumps, and air flow valves. The benefits of a pipeless spa tub model consists of fresh flowing water, no noisy pumps or blowers, removable jets, self-cleaning features.

Spa Tub
by Green Apple Design

How To Clean A Spa Tub:

Cleaning maintenance requires more than a simple wipe of the tub as in a standard bathtub. For spa tubs that use jets, cleaning consists of filling the tub and adding a light detergent and bleach. Using the spa tub as a bubble bath is somewhat okay, if you use just a little solution, or if you want to put bath oil in the water, the cleaning technique will be a little stringent.

Ownership of a Spa Tub:

Owning a spa tub is a dream remodeling project and it is very beautiful and enjoyable, but it requires specific care that many people don’t understand and can easily become disappointed with. Make quality decisions about how your spa tub will be used daily by the family. For kids, the disabled, or the aged, spa tubs can be equipped with decorative grab bars and they are available in lower depth tubs. Choosing a spa tub that benefits the home is best achieved by talking to several professionals who can help you decide the least amount of stress in owning a spa tub that is meant only to provide relaxation, cleanliness, and a fun bathing experience.

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