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Do It Yourself Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Do It Yourself Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Thinking of listing your home to sell this Summer? Use this Winter and Spring to get it ready to sell with these tips:

First Impressions Matter. Buyers Judge Books by their Cover.


The internet is the most often used route for buyers to initially check homes out before they see it in person. Maximize this opportunity by taking as many photos as the listing website will allow and staging the home well.

Usually, the exterior of your home will be the first photo buyers see. Therefore, take an afternoon to spruce it up before you take photos. Add color with flowers, mow the lawn and repaint the trim.

Take the Home Out of Your House.

Your gallery wall you proudly put together of your family after pinning ideas for it on Pinterest? Um, sorry, but it’s gotta come down. When selling, you want people to focus on your home and not your pictures. People love photos and if you have some up, people will stare at them and not focus on checking out your home.

Also be sure to put away any collections, personal keepsakes and the such while toning down themed bedrooms and bathrooms that may be distracting to buyers if they’re not done in their particular taste.

The Kitchen is Key.

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that kitchens can make or break a sale. For this reason, consider updating your kitchen before listing your home. When it comes to kitchen upgrades, it is not unheard of to get 85% of your money back and eliminate some of the buyer’s negotiating points.

Quick, easy and affordable ways to update the kitchen include: fresh paint in a neutral color, adding new hardware to cabinets and replacing at least one appliance with stainless steel.

Half Empty Your Closets.

Storage sells, which means packed closets don’t. No matter how big your storage spaces and closets are, emptying them by half makes them appear bigger. Once you’ve emptied out half of your closet, neatly organize what’s left and even consider replacing plastic hangers with wooden ones for a high end look.

There you have it. Four tips to get you on your way to successfully selling your home.

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