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Did Your Area See the Largest Gains in 2013?

Today, I wanted to share our annual report of what we saw happen in 2013 and compare those numbers to results from 2011-2013. This will allow us to see the increases and decreases in different areas. From 2011-2012, we saw a 10% increase; 2012-2013 brought us 8% gains. The largest gain I saw from 2012 was in the New Hope and Owens Cross Roads areas.

Since we’ve had 8% in our Madison County area, I decided to break down home sales and price points into their individual parks and neighborhoods. As I stated previously, the largest gains came from the New Hope and Owens Cross Roads areas by 48% in 2012. Second place goes to the Harvest and Monrovia areas which saw gains of 17%. Madison County Northeast area placed third with gains of 16%.

As for our larger gains for 2011-2013, Madison County Northwest saw increases of 43%. What I then did was take all of these statistics and combine them to determine how the dollar-volume was interchanged. In some of these areas, it only dropped 2%. However, the one area that stood out the most was the Harvest and Monrovia areas of Madison County not only because of the 17% increase I mentioned earlier, but because they also saw a 6% increase in home prices.

When looking at the overall homes being sold, purchased and price increases, Harvest and Monrovia had the largest increases in all segments. Another statistic that you may not particularly look at was our SAT scores, which have gone up. This is important in knowing what buyer’s needs and wants are as everyone wants the best education for our children. I want give a big kudos to our teachers!

There has also been an announcement that the Harvest and Monrovia community will be opening a new school in 2016. They are in the process of negotiating land at the moment, so we should know its location soon.

Thank you for joining me for our annual report. If you want further information, please contact us. All of my agents are equipped with this information and are ready to share it with you. Our phone number is (256) 799-9000. Thanks and have a great day!

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