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Buying a Home in Jones Valley, Just Outside Huntsville

Are you ready to find your dream home? If you are planning to purchase real estate in the Huntsville area, you may want to head south. In fact, you may want to check out the area of Jones Valley. It is in the South Huntsville area and has plenty to offer today’s home buyer. This community is unique. It is centered around the Jones Farm, a large farm that was very important to the community for many reasons and many years. Today, though, you’ll find a number of home styles to choose from here and many offer the same charm and style of the rest of South Huntsville.

Home in Jones Valley

5727 Jones Valley Drive, Huntsville, AL 35802 – Image Provided by NALMLS Inc.

Jones Valley has a strong presence. It has a good economy with numerous businesses present. There is a good amount of retail and restaurant development here with plenty of places to shop and eat including chains and local shops. And, if you take a look around, you’ll love the view you have. The area has the mountain as a backdrop. In terms of community amenities, you’ll find several park areas as well as a strong recreational program. There are several playgrounds dotting the landscape.

If you are looking for new construction, that’s happening in Jones Valley as well. It is possible to purchase a home in one of the new developments here. You can also buy vacant land to build on – builders are readily available. However, numerous existing homes are on the market at any given time as well. Home prices range widely but on average are about $350,000. That’s good for this area, which remains only about 20 minutes from Research Park.

It is important to get an ideal about the layout of this community. To do so, spend some time talking to a local real estate agent. You’ll find a variety of properties to view and some great experiences as you walk through the various neighborhoods here and get to know the community.

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