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Black Friday Real Estate Deals in Huntsville, AL

Most people think of televisions with massive screens, computers, and toy stores as the best Black Friday deals, but real estate in Huntsville is another area where deals are abundant, and it’s a great time to conclude house shopping. Many home buyers search for their dream home in the warmer months and sellers know that’s when listing a home will get the most interest. But the sales season doesn’t have to stop with the first frost.

Shoppers associate Black Friday with shopping and deals, but the purchases don’t need to stop at the door of the local big box electronics store. Putting a home purchase on the holiday shopping list may allow a buyer to find a real estate steal, and a seller might be able to sell a home before the deep freeze on real estate activity sets in for the season.

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Buying a Home on Black Friday

Selling a home when there’s snow on the ground is difficult, so Black Friday is one of the last true sales days of the year when selling real estate is a viable option. Many sellers don’t want to deal with the hassle of showing a home when it’s cold outside, and buyers are usually concerned with the holiday season instead of touring potential home purchases. Buyers may be able to take advantage of sellers who are desperate to sell before the winter sets in, and it’s not uncommon to see prices lowered in November.

Recent numbers put together by suggest that a significant 27 percent of homes were listed with price cuts in the fall season. Buyers might even be able to negotiate special additions to the sale, like washers, dryers and refrigerators without adding to the sales price. In the spirit of Black Friday deals, some sellers have gotten even crazier by offering vehicles with the purchase of a home.

Selling Your Home on Black Friday

Buyers aren’t the only ones who may benefit from a Black Friday real estate sale. The market gets a lot less crowded during the winter, and a homeowner who keeps his or her home on the market through Thanksgiving and beyond may be able to take advantage of buyers who must purchase a home quickly. Even if a seller drops the price of a home to entice Black Friday shoppers, the discount won’t necessarily need to be as deep if the market was crowded by tons of summer real estate.

A recent survey by suggests that buyers are highly motivated on Black Friday to buy real estate. This means sellers may be able to take advantage of the psychology that enters into Black Friday purchases. A buyer might feel that if a purchase isn’t made immediately that the “deal” will be gone when Black Friday is over. This represents potential for a fast sale if a homeowner is willing to host an open house on Black Friday and the following weekend.

Whether a homeowner expects a snowy winter or a mild holiday season, the slowdown in real estate activity is inevitable. Sellers and buyers both can each take advantage of special Black Friday real estate deals by avoiding the crowded malls and touring some open houses.

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