Backyard Ideas for Entertaining Guests

    Huntsville_BBQWhen the temperature is just right and the weather turns beautiful, who doesn’t want to go outside? Families may head to the park for a lovely picnic while outdoor enthusiasts might take time to practice their swing at the golf course, but what about hosting a party at your house? When you look around, you might worry about too many people walking and peeping through your home. You’ve spent a good time keeping it clean and feel there isn’t enough room for everyone to relax. But with spring around the corner and that charming backyard space not being used, why not host an outdoor cookout for friends and neighbors? It’s a great time to meet new people and get acquainted with your neighborhood.

    Simple Ideas for Backyard Entertaining

    1. Go Buffet Style — Hosting an outdoor cookout is all about simplicity and relaxation. Arrange a few food items for people to munch on, like burgers and condiments. Use disposable plates and napkins to make cleaning up easy. And keep the refreshments going for a causal evening.

    2. Serve Simple & Easy Foods — Lightly dressed salads and slaws pair perfectly with heavier items like burgers and sandwiches. No one needs a knife to cut through anything, and it satisfies everyone’s taste buds. Plus, you don’t have to do much work preparing the food, since your guests will assemble their own sandwiches.

    3. Bring Out the Chairs — Make sure there’s seating for everyone. Set the tables with a summer flair and provide as many seats as possible. If you don’t have enough chairs, you can easily roll out a few blankets for a more casual experience.

    4. Keep The Bugs Away — People enjoy Huntsville’s beautiful weather, but so do mosquitoes. Have some bug repellent ready and place a few incense sticks around your yard to ward off any bugs.

    huntsville backyardSet a Dreamy Outdoor Scene

    If you really want to impress and make your neighbors jealous, try “up-staging” your backyard for the party. The most popular, but everlasting theme you could try, is Midsummer Night’s Dream. Hang a few lanterns on strings around the backyard and place a few candles in jelly jars. Combined with covered tables and cozy seating, you’ll have successfully created an unforgettable experience. If need be, you can assemble a couple pop-up canopies for casual shelters and arm children with jars for catching fireflies.

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