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Backyard Cookout Ideas For Memorial Day

Memorial Day is approaching and the weather is warming up. There is no better time to show off your grilling skills and backyard venue — and the best way to do all this is with a traditional neighborhood cookout! As we all know, food is probably one of, if not the, most important part of the cookout. Entertain friends and families with the right dishes that will keep them lining up for more. Here are some ideas:

1. The Traditional Hot Dog

Hot dogs are a common choice for cookouts. They are easy to make and taste good. Hot dogs also are also a kind of summer type of food. They can be easily prepared and require little cooking experience to make. The best thing to do when making a good hot dog is to cook them on the grill and then have plenty of condiments for your guests to finish making their own hot dog. Also, if possible try to get all beef hot dogs. All Beef hot dogs have a much better flavor than mixed meat hot dogs.

Hot Dog

2. Shish Kabobs

If hot dogs are not something that you think you would like to make for a cookout you can always consider making shish kabobs. Shish kabobs are cut up meat and vegetables stacked on a wooden or metal stick which are then grilled. A good thing about Shish kabobs is that they are extremely versatile and you can make them according to what your guests would like to eat. If you have a guest that is a vegetarian then you do not put any meat on the kabob. It is common to put steak on shish kabobs but pork will also work. Make sure to use seasoned salt while the shish kabobs are on the grill because this type of salt will taste well on both the vegetables and the meat. The plus of making Shish Kabobs is that they can be customized to fit whatever you think your guests would like.

Having Fun Cooking Out

Cooking out is an important and fun part of summer. The main thing to remember is to make sure that your guests know what you are making in advance, or to ask your guests if the food that you are making is something you would like to eat. Also be sure to provide plenty of beverages to keep guests refreshed.
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