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The Truth About Zillow, Trulia, and Other Home Searching Sites

Welcome back to another edition of Monday Morning Coffee. Today I am here to clear up some misconceptions about Zillow, Trulia, and other AVM (Automated Valuation Model) websites.

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These sites are convenient, as you can just plug in a few numbers and, with one click, you get an instant valuation for your home. However, often these sites are not very accurate at all. Here’s why.

These programs do not take into consideration the location or the condition of any property, which is where you get most of your home value from. If you can’t factor in those points, then what is the point?

AVM websites will pull all the listings in a geographical area and combine their value regardless of what condition they are in. If you’re not in a planned community and on a waterfront property, the AVM will most likely pull numbers from inside the planned community, sinking your value. If you are in a planned community or have a waterfront property, the AVM will pull numbers from every home near yours, regardless of price, value, or condition. This could also cause the opposite to happen, where you think your home is worth a certain price when in reality it is worth less than you thought.

My point is that these systems aren’t very accurate. If you want an estimate of what your home is truly worth, we can do that for you and do it for free. It’s a no-cost, no-obligation way to get an accurate home value, and you can request one just by visiting our website.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to reach out. We are always here to answer your call or email!

This Week’s Closings, Congratulations!

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Grubbs

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